Pig&Dan + Gregor Tresher’s acclaimed ‘Soulcatcher’ album gets full release on Truesoul

Pig&Dan & Gregor Tresher’s acclaimed album ‘Soulcatcher’ receives a full release on 31 March 2023, set to be available as a download and in vinyl format for the first time, after receiving a limited stream-only issue in 2021.

The 10-track offering was a sonic highlight for Truesoul and stands as only the seventh album released in the label’s 21-year history. The LP likewise epitomised the studio artistry of Pig&Dan & Gregor Tresher, a trio of artists at the top of their game as they navigated a path through celestial house, progressive and melodic techno textures, highlighted by sublime cuts such as ‘Metalife’, Hullcrusher’ and ‘Moonbreaker’.

But amongst all the distractions of 2021, it was easy to miss this diamond-in-the-rough album, which dropped as a stream-only release on Spotify, while each track was also in a shortened stream edit format. Now, with clubs and festivals in full swing, these timeless cuts can get the dancefloor shine they deserve.

“It’s great to finally release Soulcatcher on all platforms and on Vinyl as well – it´s only been out on Spotify up until now and the feedback on it was amazing, so the decision to finally give it a proper release came naturally for Adam and us as well. We are very excited!” – Gregor Tresher


  1. Metalife
  2. Endgame
  3. Hullcrusher
  4. Hermetic Culture
  5. Moonbreaker
  6. The Entrance
  7. Dot Hallucinations
  8. Soulcatcher
  9. Become the Sky
  10. Ultraviolet

Available to buy / download here