Pilot events will present valuable data for night time economy to reopen

Several pilot events are taking place across various night time economy, hospitality and event settings throughout April including a music festival, nightclub as well as sporting, cinema and business events.
Events have also taken place across Europe looking at the safe reopening of social and entertainment environments. Many of these pilots have presented compelling data for businesses and events to reopen, substantiating the impact of vaccination rollout, as well effective management and proportionate mitigating measures.

Michael Kill, NTIA CEO says:
“Throughout this pandemic, we have fought for the opportunity to open the doors of thousands of businesses up and down the country, and during the period of lockdown have access to proportionate levels of financial support, saving jobs and businesses during this crisis”

“One of the biggest challenges our industry has faced since the start of this pandemic is around misconceptions and ill-informed decision making and the lack of knowledge our Government has on the industries we represent”

“The Event Research Programme in part is broadly about education, and the opportunity for key decision-makers to understand these environments first hand to then be able to make informed decisions on how a range of businesses can be managed out of this situation, and open safely.”

“The only way to effectively save jobs and businesses is by opening the doors of the industry, but the facilitation of disproportionate measures which will in any way create unnecessary divisive or discriminatory barriers for our customers, impractical operational conditions or create unnecessary or extensive investment during this difficult financial period will continue to be scrutinised by ourselves at every level.”

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