Pioneer DJ offering free classes to kickstart new DJ careers

As electronic music grows in popularity, many listeners are looking to transform their passion into action by learning how to DJ like their favorite artistsPioneer DJ, industry leader in DJ technology and software innovation, is partnering with renowned DJ HAPA, founder of the educational DJ platform, The DJ Coach, to deliver aspiring and beginner DJs a comprehensive, 5-day WeDJ and 7-day rekordbox 6 tutorial course at no charge — a $99 USD value each. By the end of this series, new DJs will have successfully recorded their very first DJ mix.

The comprehensive, step-by-step course is designed for new or existing customers using Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-200 Smart DJ controller or DDJ-400 two-channel DJ controller for rekordbox. Artists are challenged to complete daily lessons ranging from 20 to 30-minutes in length, concluding with a short quiz and exercise to cement the learned skills. Lesson topics include the following: basic music theory, effects, rhythm, mixing, looping, tempo, and more.

“Learning how to DJ is an exciting time for an artist, but it can also be intimidating and challenging for beginners,” said John Powell, President, AlphaTheta Music Americas Inc. (Formerly Pioneer DJ Americas, Inc.) “We are offering free, accessible and interactive lessons from an industry veteran and breaking down barriers to help prospective DJs realize their potential. Emerging artists are the future of DJing—we might be teaching them now, but soon they’ll be teaching us.”

To begin the course, prospective DJs simply enter the requested information on Pioneer DJ’s The DJ Coach landing page, create their account, and sign in on

“We are thrilled to offer this valuable resource to artists,” Powell added. “Many people are now spending extended periods of time at home, giving ample opportunity to pursue hobbies and interests they may not have had the time to pursue before. This free course serves as a creative outlet to fulfill dreams of becoming a DJ.”

By the end of the course, artists will have developed a full 15- to 20-minute long mix to which they can submit to The DJ Coach for personalized feedback, and a core understanding of DJing to use throughout their career.

Pioneer DJ’s free classes are available exclusively through the following special promotional links:

DDJ-200 5-Day Class

DDJ-400 7-Day Class

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