Plattenbank release Diatonic Gin by BP

Artist: BP
Title: Diatonic Gin
Label: Plattenbank
Catalogue Number: BLZ044
Release Date: Out now!
Genre: Progressive/Techno

As a music reviewer, there is no end to the amount of music that passes across your desk. Some you like, some you don’t, some you scratch your head at, and then, in some rare moments a release just grabs you by the scruff of your neck and drags you without notice into its world.

‘Diatonic Gin’ is the first album release on Plattenbank and taking the helm is Patrick Bruyndonx who is no stranger to the scene. With a career that’s older than some of today’s hot new producers there is almost an expectation that the sound about to pass through your ears has been shaped, crafted and sits above a certain standard. By eight seconds in on the first track that expectation has been smothered as ‘Spare’ starts to envelope us in a luxuriously rich tapestry of melody. By thirty seconds in your in submission as the track begins to unravel one hell of an intricately, seductive mood.

This theme remains for the entirety of the album with each individual track playing on our deepest emotions and our darkest desires. There’s tracks like ‘Somebody else’ who’s inconspicuous rhythmic groove and seething, delayed sounds neglect to give you a warning of how it will unfold, yet by the breakdown you suddenly feel like you’ve been pushed up a hill and over the edge. Melody is key yet again, with a heavy wash of contorting synths creating the perfect storm before rewarding us with a continued, body moving flow.

‘Time machine’ funks out a bit, utilising catchy bassline and techno beats with layered. Droning synths that begin to blossom before stripping back to a head squeezing break. There’s constant tweaking of sounds and melodies as the track unfolds even further beyond the horizon till it’s end.’Aguila’ is another wolf in sheep’s clothing , creating the pretense of techno but breaking down into a powerful cocktail of eastern tinged orchestral emotion. It’s tight tribal groove snaps us back to reality quickly though, just before we’ve had too much and before it’s too safe a combination of all the elements come back into play to take us to another faraway place once more..

Each track on the album takes on a different identity whether it is the high-octane feel of ‘Ocean view’s melodies or worthy collaborations on the album with Ramon Tapia and Eran Aviner, the compositions create a space that the listener wants to return to.

The best number in this release though has to be the spectacular ‘Panama’. Bruyndonx stitches together a patchwork of moods and emotions into almost ten minutes of pure, un-distilled happiness. Its hypnotic waves of drenched synth patterns and murmuring bassline just lay the platform for its mesmerising vocal to take control. This is the stuff of memories, the foundation of all inspiring music and the soundtrack to the moments we carry through our lives.

‘Diatonic Gin’ in its entirety is something that you’re going to want to play on repeat and its tracks are probably going to be shaking the dance floors your on for the next while. The production is superb and its delivery is precise from Bruyndonx making this album one of the ones to plant firmly in your music collection.

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About the Author

Hooked on the sounds of techno and progressive in the mid-nineties Brian Cody made a name as one of Dublin’s most accomplished and hardworking DJs.