Point Sole is a marvel on Solar Distance

Artist : Point Sole
Title : Cooper EP
Label : Solar Distance
Release : Out Now
Genre : House

Something of a revelation last year was the start of UNER’s label -Solar Distance.

“The idea with Solar Distance is to build a family around music sharing the same passion and dedication, not just club music for DJs but also music to listen, more quiet and refine style. So everything floating around the electronic music concept. I want to show my own point of view in music, with harmonies and musicality itself and, of course, it’s a new way to give extra opportunities to established producers as well as supporting up and coming ones…” – UNER

The first release, you may recall, was by UNER himself. Following hot on his heals is Point Sole with a very accomplished three track EP. Opener ‘Cooper’ growls and shimmys with a devistatingly, deep sawtoothed bass and delicate piano lines. Starting off with a tribal beat, I’m instanly hooked. Such a sucker for bongos! The repeated 3 note piano line and distance female vocal create an atmosphere of expectation and Point Sole does not disappoint. Very useful mid setter for house, tech and prog DJs alike.

‘Steps’ is an out and out tech house track from the first beat. Shakers rattle all around and the hats have an unmistakenly metalic sound to them. The lead synth is insistant and relentless, before a repeated, barely audible vocal draws your attention. The break acts a slight respite before the kick hits and carrys things ever forward. There’s an air of urgency to the track, and un-nerving feeling that you ought to be moving about, if not already dancing. Brilliant.

‘You 2510’ is a groovy deep tech houser with sexy french vocals. As a producer myself, its the small touches I often find most fascinating, like with this track, the claps are doubled up, slightly off set and muffled (I really like that). By far my favourite of the EP, this will find a home in a variety of DJs playlists.