Poker Flat Recordings Best Of 2023

Poker Flat Recordings rounds out yet another marquee year in the perfect fashion – a retrospective compilation of the year’s highlights. Best of Poker Flat 2023 features 10 tracks that sum up the label’s achievements over the year, bringing together key artists both established and breaking through.

Having represented a certain brand of house and tech house for the last 25 years, the label that survived and flourished showcasing essential tracks from the likes of Kotelett, Pig&Dan, Reset Robot and of course the main man, Steve Bug. Particularly of note this year are two tracks from Greta Levska (Don’t Sweat The Flex) and Streets (Dachshund Remix) as well as a breakthrough for 23by23 competition winner SWAH with her remix for Joyce Muniz. 

Elsewhere we are treated to two tracks from the pairing-up of Quivver and Dave Seaman (Not This Time and Rockets and Rainbows feat. Brianna Price courtesy of a Floyd Lavine remix), as well as the New Zealander-transplanted-to-Berlin – Dilby. All in all, a stunning collection and an important document of where the culture stands in 2023. 

Available to stream / download here


01. Pig&Dan, Siavash: Call The Hitman 

02. Dilby: Organika 

03. Reset Robot: Duplicate 

04. Quivver, Dave Seaman: Not This Time 

05. Kotelett: I Don’t Know (Audiojack Remix) 

06. Steve Bug: Alto Adige 

07. Greta Levska: Streets (Dachshund Remix) 

08. Quivver, Dave Seaman: Rockets & Rainbows feat. Brianna Price (Floyd Lavine Remix) 

09. Joyce Muniz: What’s Your Name feat. Demetrius (SWAH Remix) 

10. Greta Levska: Don’t Sweat The Flex  

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