Polymath’s concept single Soul is breathtaking

Artists: Finnebassen / Jonas Saalbach & Tschoris / Habischman
Title: Soul
Label: Polymath
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Progressive House/Techno

New label Polymath has some fine artists featuring on this release, and it is just the third outing for this London-based label. The concept is very simple: give each artist on the release the same brief and allow them to explore what that means to them. The results are amazing.

First up is Norwegian producer, Finnebassen. Where do we start with this guy?! So, so many productions under his belt spread across numerous genres of the dance music spectrum and even a slot on the hallowed Radio 1 Essential Mix. I’d say he’s had a fantastic couple of years after breaking out in about 2013. His opener here is a superb, crisp progressive-tech track with a thundery, rumbling bassline, and a melody to die for. A hard pounding beat sits nicely under all this to create a beautiful crossover track.

I think it’s fair to say that Habischman could well be having one of the best years of his life. With massive releases on Moda Black, Selador, and Parquet, he’s also the latest DJ to mix the current, legendary Global Underground NuBreed compilation album. Here his production skills are flaunted to spectacular effect. An enormous bass driven techno stormer with loads of atmospheric sound effects that sound like a swarm of hungry bees, a spooky church like male choir take the lead in the break which builds and builds and builds (you get the picture), to break down into full on stomp mode, a real hands in the air moment. This track was made for the biggest festivals, dance floors, sound systems across the world and will probably do some massive damage upon release.

Last but not least we have a track from one of the most in-form (and one of my favourite) producers on the scene, Jonas Saalbach. Alongside Tschoris, they create a deeper, more progressive approach to the release. Just over 8 minutes of pure quality with a swinging, bouncy bassline and a serenely plucked guitar melody, this track combines euphoria with the deep. After the break down we are thrown into a full on crescendo when all the elements combine and create an unrelenting, pulsating vibe that will shake brains the world over!