Review – Powers of Ten remix album is incredible

Artist : Stephan Bodzin
Title : Powers of Ten Remix Album
Label : Herzbult
Release : 18th December 2015
Genre : House/Techno

After the success of Powers of Ten, Stephan Bodzin’s most profound full-length album, the German tastemaker has now invited a prolific group of artists to remix a selection of the LP’s signature tracks. This stunning collection will be released digitally as well as on vinyl on the 18th December 2015. The original album came in June on Bodzin’s own Herzblut Recordings and was a hugely personal affair that has been played far and wide by DJs and danced to by clubbers all over the world. Now breathing fresh life and different perspectives into the original source material are the likes of big name stars Maceo Plex & Shall Ochin, Fur Coat, Extrawelt, long time musical sparring partner Marc Romboy, Pan-Pot, Max Cooper, Agents of Time, Dominik Eulberg and many more.

What is instantly realised with the wealth of talent on board to re-imagine his works, is the regard that Stephan is held in. From the slow burning Shall Ocin and Maceo Plex Powers of Ten remix and minimalism of techno experimentalists Extrawelt to the powerful Max Cooper version of Wir, each track is lovingly crafted with a real sense of pride and passion. I really don’t want to give too much away as to what each track sounds like, suffice as to say this works as a DJ friendly collection, or as a stand alone listening experience, and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to enjoy it. I will again, very soon. If you purchase no other music this year, seriously consider this album, its immense!

The motivation behind the remix album actually, just like behind most remix projects I have done in the past is buried in the excitement to see how other artist feel and handle my melodies; how they interpret them and what they consider to be the tracks’ essentials. In this case, I was actually so impressed and surprised by each and every remix I received. It is not just a collection of some “okay” remixes; in my ears, each tune has become at least as strong and as unique as its original counterpart, no exception. All the artists I chose are either good friends of mine or colleagues I very much respect or both. The list basically represents my personal who is who of contemporary Electronic Music producers, and I think I am not alone in sharing this view. – Stephan Bodzin

Track List
01// Stephan Bodzin – Powers of Ten (Maceo Plex & Shall Ocin Remix)
02// Stephan Bodzin – Wir (Edu Imbernon & Coyu Remix)
03// Stephan Bodzin – Singularity (Fur Coat Remix)
04// Stephan Bodzin – Zulu (Pan-Pot Remix)
05// Stephan Bodzin – Ix (Marc Romboy Lost in Leploops)
06// Stephan Bodzin – Odyssee (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
07// Stephan Bodzin – Blue Giant (Extrawelt Remix)
08// Stephan Bodzin – Wir (Max Cooper Remix)
09// Stephan Bodzin – Sputnik (Dominik Eulberg Remix)
10// Stephan Bodzin – Zulu (Agents of Time Remix)
11// Stephan Bodzin – Lila (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix)
12// Stephan Bodzin – Birth (Marc Romboy’s Ode 2 The Children)
13// Stephan Bodzin – Ix (Victor Ruiz Remix)
14// Stephan Bodzin – Powers of Ten (Gabriel Ananda Remix)
15// Stephan Bodzin – Singularity (Monoloc Edit 01)
16// Stephan Bodzin – Birth (Super Flu’s Early Contractions)