Review – Prins Thomas discofies The Orb and the results are magnificent

Artist: The Orb
Title: Alpino Diskomiks / Sin In Space
Label: Kompakt
Release Date: 29th July 2016
Genre: House / Disco

Those Norwegians seem to have the Midas touch when it comes to epic, Balearic infused italo-disco stompers. Fresh off the back of Lindstrom’s swaggering behemoth ‘Closing Shot’ (which has been all over the airwaves recently), one-time production partner in crime Prins Thomas steps to the fore to remix The Orb’s ‘Alpine’ on Michael Mayer’s unfailingly brilliant Kompakt label.

First out of the Norseman’s bag of tricks is the cunningly titled ‘Diskomiks’, an eleven-minute throbbing disco odyssey, which scoops up some of the bizarre field recordings and Scandinavian atmospherics of the original then repackages them inside an ever-building acidic groove of machine funk.

The extended intro chugs along driven by a squelching bassline, some strangely infectious yodelling and frenzied cowbell action (yes real cows). Six minutes in and the track drops into an immense fiord sized break, which features some rising live bass before slamming back into the disco groove to finish. Epic and odd in equal measures Thomas manages to conjure up a dance floor hit that is both refreshingly barmy and lethal.

Aimed even more squarely at the dance floor is the ‘Simpler Tool For DJ Fools’ mix. Here Thomas ups the Moroder factor to eleven by injecting a healthy dose of pulsing bass and trims back the surplus fat to create an even leaner groove. This is one I could easily see slipping into the sets of Mr Andrew Weatherall and the ALFOS contingent with its cosmic disco aesthetics and insistent chugginess (yes I know that’s not a word). Another disco winner then!

Finally, the ‘Prins Thomas Short Yoga Break Version’ drops the beats altogether and whisks the listener off to some psychedelic alpine pastures for a cacophony of bells, whistles and looping electronic weirdness. The string section is brought to the fore and the track ends to their euphoric strains before trailing off in a soundscape of lush pastoral ambience.

Whatever magic ingredients Prins and Co have been slipping into their hot toddy’s lately, I want some because their output has been mesmerisingly brilliant. This selection of remixes is once again dusted with a sprinkling of that Nordic disco magic and proves that Prins Thomas is right at the top of his game.

About the Author

Record collector, music maker and spurs fanatic Geraint Rees has been involved in DJing and club promotion for well over a decade. He is currently a promoter and DJ for the four:four project, a Manchester collective who organise club events that support a range of worthwhile charities and promote high quality music. Over the last few years he has produced techno as Acitone for labels such as Stripped and Hype Music. In his free time, he is found regularly inhabiting a dark box like hole known as ‘the studio’ and trying to rear his band of unruly cats.