Pro-B-Tech releases Prima Materia by Ilya Gerus and Melodule

Artist: Ilya Gerus and Melodule
Title: Prima Materia
Label: Pro-B-Tech Records
Catalog Number: PBT027
Released: Out Now!
Genre: Progressive/Techno

Russian musician Ilya Gerus teams up with Montreal melody maker Melodule, on Scottish record label Pro-B-Tech with a three tracks EP titled “Prima Materia” that fits the imprint’s quirky music ethos, perfectly. First up “Prima Materia” takes off as the title tune, one can strut about to, that holds a clicky synth and relaxed tempo, although the melodies have a higher twee factor. The track is lush, of wistful nature, yet can work wonderfully for the floor. There’s a bouncing bass, soft chandelier tinkles, on top of a discordant eccentric moody chord, that holds it’s own throughout the outing. It also harnesses a clappy tone, just about gob smacking lovely.

The second track, “Sherwood Forest” is intriguing electronic dance music. With an elephantine bass line and chops of chord undulation, that sounds absolutely fierce, the fx plays along-side delicate tinkles and loops, making the track wholesome, which gives you more to hold on to. The densely packed groove is over laid by a forceful, well produced body. Its monochromatic texture is filled with a kick thrust from the heavy under bass and laid back skanky beat. I don’t know what to make off it, except to say it produces that dance flava in spades.

The duo dial down just slightly enough, to produce that lilting gem in the shape of “Spectrum” to finish things off with style. Dominated by a galloping rhythm, the track is pushed forward by a looping hypnotic melody pad. Drifts of dubby bass take center stage and provide the atmospherics of the tune, just about the right amount murky. The effect is narcotic as the listener is left in all kinds of immersive knots.

A release that stands out and worthy of gold.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.