Pro-B-Tech’s next release showcases the immensely cool talent of Audioglider and Xspance

Artist: Audioglider & Xspance
Title: Rising Tide EP
Label: Pro-B-Tech Music
Remixers: Matt Black
Cat Num: PBTM096
Release date: 28th January 2019
Genre: Progressive House

Pro-B-Tech’s next release later this January showcases the immensely cool and machinist talent Roberto Sodano we know better as Audioglider in collaboration with Myles Webb an old heart with no less mean and new techniques you recognize as UK based Xspance, with their freshly minted EP titled – “Rising Tide” hollers for your attention.

Both artists have teased us over the last 12 months with occasional nuggets of meaningful, melodic Progressive House, consistently releasing substantial work and so diving in to the title track of called Rising Tide is easy for me, with its burly brickwork of kicks and an insistent bass line that suddenly joins in with a layering of sprightly chimes, and broad swathes of spacey synths along-side their own gentle musicality, there you go we have a winner. Creating spacey drama the seductive and restrained vocal use is a genius move along-side pulsing, throbbing electronics which drops down into a tinkling swelling slightly, break down, from there on this track just up and takes you away into a field of flowers you can run through to the end. Its dreamy and wonderful fare!!

Joining in the pack South London’s DJ/producer Matt Black gives us the lone remix, whose work has a murky groove and is much more rolling than the original version and can be thrown down as a dance cut late in to the night assuredly, his reinterpretation marks him stepping in to the dreamier, more exploratory territory for me. Here’s another side to a producer I have been watching over some months and he recreates a bold sensuously melodic portrait of the track, grabs it with both hands, goes low for the floor and more than ever makes it groovy as funk.

Great stuff is written all over this package.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.