Pure Carl Cox at Privilege Ibiza – Experience a piece of history in the making

The island of Ibiza has been abuzz for quite a while for the new Pure Carl Cox night at Privilege. We sent our Decoded Magazine Carl Cox super fan Brett Taylor along for the opening night. Coupled with his history of 24 years of being a Cox fan listening to the early FACT CD series from 1992… He was quite excited.

The line ups are strong and they promise to bring you that raw, pure clubbing experience from “back in the day”. I saw social media light up on the day with lots of preview videos, teasers filtering out and the vibe on the island was one of sleeping next to a Lion which could at any moment bite your face off. Pure excitement and fear rolled into one.

It all kicked off at 8pm which is an early start, it was a hot day, sunset was approaching and the queues were long which was expected. We could hear the rumble of the sound system inside Privilege teasing us inside whispering sweet nothings in our ears. I hadn’t seen Privilege this busy for a LONG LONG time and I have been in Ibiza for over 15 years now, the last time it felt like this was Manumission days so to even draw parallels at this early stage was quite an achievement. Privilege has also undergone some refurbishment which has given it that warehouse feeling, it looks awesome and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling of raving in a part of history.

We walked into the main room to be greeted by thousands of other avid party goers who were there for one thing – PURE Carl Cox. As the night carried on it got busier and busier which was really one of my only gripes in that it felt too busy at some points of the night and this was in Privilege. The goal of packing out the club was achieved though, all rooms, areas were bustling with activity.

The stage had been swapped around which was an interesting choice but made again for another unique experience. We darted around from room to room through the night but some highlights came from Eats Everything, Ken Fan, Andy Baxter, Jason Bye who understand the island of Ibiza more than anyone as they are long standing DJ residents, hats off to the guys.

The vibe and sounds of the night were a varied mix of some old skool tunes, acid lines, classic tracks, it was a mash up of tune selection perfection which did embody that feeling of old where we were just out to rave. One main track that stuck in my head was Lizard by Mauro Picotto being playing in the main room to a packed stage, everyone going mental, great lighting and visuals… The perfect recipe for a great night.

The sleeping Lion woke up at 3.30, that Lion being Carl Cox and did indeed proceed to tear the place apart in true Carl Cox fashion. Pure Carl Cox is exactly what it was. I cant say anymore than that – if you were a fan of Cox previously then you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you aren’t a fan of Carl Cox, I don’t know why .. Get yourself to Privilege to experience a piece of history in the making.

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