Decoded Radio presents Ramiro Lopez Live at 1605 Music Therapy – Amsterdam

So many things happened since Ramiro López gave his first steps in music. While he was very young he spent his days listening to the radio and specialized compilations but in 1996 he started sharing around the clubs his passion for music working as a DJ. His musical creativity and innovation has always been latent throughout his life. In 2006 Ramiro made the leap to music production researching and acquiring knowledge, experiences, sharing concerns with other artists and gradually defining his melody. Creation became a way of life for him. His music is not just techno, house or a single style; there’s a whole mix of different styles such as R’n’B, downbeat, disco, funk, tech and groove, with the purpose being to have a good time, share and enjoy the dance floor with everybody. In addition, he offers something that is cool, fresh and simply unique. Still is now unstoppable, working to get better every single day. His wholehearted dedication at work is obtaining great results releasing on labels such as: INTEC (“Backtrip EP”, the track “This & That” it was included within Carl Cox’s “New Year Weapons”), Terminal M (“Sleaze EP” with Arjun Vagale), SCI + TEC, Bedrock, Cecille, Noir, Defected or Tronic among many others. And of course being an active part in the Suara platform, achieving significant successes and increasing recognition in the electronic scene. Ramiro’s last great success on the ‘kitties’ label:“Cathesis EP”.But the wheel never stops and Ramiro is constantly evolving: involved in many projects, his desire since the beginning is to make people live and enjoy what they listen to while he is working at the booth. He has collaborated with great artists and gigs travelling all around the world and playing in cities like Sao Paulo, Beijing, Miami, Mumbay, Mexico, Berlin, Zurich or Ibiza delighting everyone with his music. We can say without doubt that this is part of the new wave of Spanish artists. With a lot still to offer Ramiro is an artist to bet for.

Ramiro Lopez - Photoshoot May 2015
Ramiro Lopez – Photoshoot May 2015


Hi Ramiro, so glad you could join us on Decoded Radio. How are you?

Hola! Thanks a lot for having me. All good! I​’m​ in Sofia right now playing tonight for the first time here and excited about it.

​​It was November ’14 we last caught up with you with a feature in Decoded Magazine. How have the past 12 months been for you?

One year already! It’​s ​gone​ so fast​, time ​flies when you do what you love. ​I’ve​ spent many hours in the studio, developing my sound, learning things etc. I’ve​ ​been writing a lot of track​​ which you​’ll be​ ​listening​​ to in 2016. ​I’m​ very happy regarding ​my ​gigs as well. I made my début in countries like Angola, Mexico, Greece, Slovenia or Bulgaria with great experiences ​from​ all of them.

​​Tell us about your summer. What were your highlights?

A tour around India in August was outstanding. 5 cities in 5 days in​-​a​-​row, every one better than the other. I had high expectations about it but all​ went​​​ even better​ than I thought​. Ibiza was very nice as well ​as I​ played ​at ​Space for the first time, ​a​ dream come true since my first visits to the island more than 10 years ago.

​​How was life growing up in Spain? Who were your musical heroes, and what made you interested in dance music?

It was super cool. ​I’m​ from Madridejos, a village in the centre of Spain. I’ve​​ grown​ up​ here and living here at the moment and ​I ​couldn’t be more happy ​about​ it. It​’​s quiet, everything is close and my family and many friends are here, plus the airport is just one hour ​away (​which is not much ​for​ me). First contact with music was through Guns n´Roses, Queen, ​​Metallica and regarding electronic music artists like Moby, Chemical Brothers, Faithless or Prodigy. Then I discovered some electronic music radio shows and ​I ​started to dig into the music they played.

​​We managed to catch up with Kolsch at ADE this year. We had a great discussion about the value of vinyl; its warmth of sound, the fact you can pick it up etc. I noticed you were digging through some old vinyl of yours in a video you posted on your Facebook page. Do you think it still has a place in the music industry, or more of a collector’s hobby?

Of course they have a​ place and ​I​ think this is going ​get​ bigger and bigger. ​I​ ​began​ in the ​DJ​ world​ mixing vinyl ​on​ turntables and ​I ​love them but, it’s true ​I’m​ very happy right now not ​carrying​ a heavy bag ​to​ my gigs but I miss the good things of the Black gold.​ I’m​ even thinking ​about​ ​playing​ vinyl sets​ for special occasions.
At Decoded Magazine we get many messages from new producers looking for that big break. No doubt you are exposed to a great number of talented artists, but with a sound that doesn’t quite fit the branding of the label they send music to. What would you tell them to help them on the right path?

It’s ​very important to have personality​ and ​develop​​ your own sound but also try to​ appeal​ the labels you ​want to ​release​ on​. What I do is find my targets and try to make my sound but adapting it to the​ selected​ imprint. Those labels are also my favourites so I know their releases and their sound. Knowing your goals is crucial.

​​Following up from that, do you find the focus of younger DJs you play with is more aligned to becoming famous rather than just playing great music? Has commercialism​​​ become acid house’s nightmare, and are we, the music industry to blame?

I have to say I’ve​ only had good experiences with younger DJs. Some examples ​come​ to my mind are Alejandro Fernandez, Marck D or Oozeundat as I have a good relationship with them. ​They’re all​ from​ different​ parts of the world and all of them​ are​ amazing​ and very​ ​talented plus all are looking forward to learn and improve​ their​ true love ​for​ music. ​I’m​ not saying you can´t find guys which becoming famous is their priority but it may be more common in EDM and I don​’​t really now many young artist from this ​genre​.

​​David Morales has recently spoken out about DJs who now feel the need and pressure put on them to produce music to be taken seriously in the industry and further help them get bookings. Do you think a DJ who has perfected the art of DJing over tens of years who does not produce deserves more recognition to be on line ups than producers who are more marketable?

It’​s true​,​ right now you need to be a good producer in order to be well​-​known and have gigs where you can show your skills playing (speaking in a professional way). You can find very few artists​ that​ are doing good​ by​ ​just​ DJing. Maybe it ​shouldn’t​ b​e like ​this​ ​but it is so we have to play ​by the​ rules and better put​ our​ energy​ into​ working rather than ​complaining​​. Personally, I love both tasks so ​it’s not a​ problem ​for​ me but I can understand there ​are​ people that only like to DJ.

​​We have you here with an exclusive live guest mix from 1605 at ADE with Umek. With so many events going on that week, for anyone who couldn’t make it along could you tell us about the vibe of the party, and how well did your set go down?

The party was very cool. The place was in the suburbs of Amsterdam in a​ big Warehouse​,​ perfect to dance ​to ​Techno. First Dosem and the​n​ Umek and Coyu made a great job and I​ had​ the closing set and really enjoyed​ it​. ​We had a ​very good ​connection​ with the crowd.

​​There are a few unknown tracks included in the set. New material you were testing by any chance?

Hehehe…. You got it!

​​How is the tour diary shaping up over Christmas and New Year? Where can we catch you over the festive period?

​I’m ​playing in Spain these days and happy about it as I will be able to spend more time with family and friends during Christmas.​ On 24th I’m​ at Family Club. It​’​s one of the most famous club in the centre of Spain.​ It has an​ ​amazing sound system and​ I’m​ specially looking forward to this because I used to be ​the​ resident ​DJ ​there years ago, I’ve had some​ unforgettable moments ​at Family Club​. Then, ​I’m ​of​f​ to Barcelona for 25th. After a​ week’s​ ​holiday​​, ​I’m​ playing at Zul in Bilbao along​side​ Uner and some other artists. ​A ​great way to welcome 2016.

​​Ramiro, I’d to thank you for dropping by and giving us the opportunity to air this mix. Before you go could you let us know any future projects for us to look out for in 2016?

As I said, a lot of new​ music is coming​.​ ​Releases on ​Octopus, Suara, Intec and Toolroom will be the first releases but there are some​ other​ important ​ones in​ the pipeline. Besides Europe my agencies are working ​on​ tours around Asia, South​ America and USA for the first part ​of​ the year. 2016 ​is​ gonna be so hectic!​ I’m​ sure the best of my career so far.

Thanks a lot to you, have a great Christmas and New Year!

Love and best wishes to all of you!

Ramiro Lopez - Photoshoot May 2015
Ramiro Lopez – Photoshoot May 2015

Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon with guest Ramiro Lopez (1605 Music Therapy Live at ADE – Amsterdam)


Ian Dillon

01. Juan Deminicis – At Dawn [Dopamine Music]
02. Guy J – Argeman (Robert R. Hardy Bootleg)
03. Soulwerk – Stuck In My Mind (Jamie Stevens Remix) [Perspectives Digital]
04. Phonic Scoupe – Grudge (Simos Tagias Remix) [Stripped Recordings]
05. Julian Dep – Private Atmosphere (Original Mix) [PHW Elements]
06. Brian Cid – Habitat (Original Mix) [Lost & Found]
07. Rick Pier Oneil – Dangerous position (Part1) [RPO Records]
08. Framewerk – Feel You Hold You (Original Mix) [Selador]
09. Simos Tagias -Wasted Dreams (Kasall & Cristian R Remix) [Movement Recordings]

Ramiro Lopez

01. Spektre – Away From here (Original Mix) [Phobiq]
02. ALX- Don´t (Original Mix) [Transmit]
03. Secret Cinema, Enrico Sangiuliano – Alone With The Bitch (Original Mix) [Gem]
04. Marc Marzenit – Perron (Original mix) [Tronic]
05. Alberto Ruiz – Submarino (Original mix) [Transmit]
06. Andrea Frisina – Landing On Enceladus (Original Mix) [Gate Null]
07. Joseph Capriati – Awake (Julian Jeweil remix) [Drumcode]
08. Frankyeffe, Enrico Sangiuliano – Celebration (Original Mix) [Break New Soil]
09. Steam Shape – Blacklash (Original Mix) [Phobiq]
10. Unknown – Unknown
11. Ramiro Lopez- Crusher (Original Mix) [Intec]
12. Adapter – Trinity (Original Mix) [Hydrozoa]
13. Ramiro Lopez – Damse
14. Renato Cohen – Tuff Guitar (Roberto Capuano remix) [The Triangle Records]
15. Unknown – Unknown

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