Radio Slave and Bushwacka! remix ‘Eye Of The Storm’ by Archie Hamilton

Radio Slave and Bushwacka! remix ‘Eye Of The Storm’ featuring vocalist and drum n bass royalty Onallee, with label boss Archie Hamilton serving up a fresh VIP mix.

Taken from Hamilton’s debut album ‘Archive Fiction’, which dropped earlier this year on Moscow Records, ‘Eye Of The Storm’ featuring Reprazent artist Onallee, gets the remix treatment from two renowned producers with a reimagined garage inspired mix from the boss himself. Two acclaimed British artists, Rekids boss and esteemed remixer Radio Slave lead the release with Hamilton’s VIP mix alongside Olmeto and Plank Records owner and artist Bushwacka!

Radio Slave’s remix of ‘Eye Of The Storm feat. Onallee’ opens with a thundering kick, haunting effects, rolling vox-cuts and rattling hats with an ecstasy inducing breakdown. Archie Hamilton’s VIP mix then goes down a classic bubbling bassline route, featuring crunchy cymbals and phasing synths when Bushwacka! then goes on to close the release with break styled drum programming, rumbling toms, zapping flute-like samples and jungle shakers on his remix.

Archie Hamilton ‘Eye Of The Storm feat. Onallee’ drops on Moscow Records on 29th November 2019.

A1. Eye Of The Storm feat. Onallee (Radio Slave Remix)
B1. Eye Of The Storm feat. Onallee (Archie Hamilton VIP Mix)
B2. Eye Of The Storm feat. Onallee (Bushwacka! Remix)

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