Radio Slave releases the groovy and percussive ‘Overdue EP’ on his Rekids label

Artist: Radio Slave
Title: Overdue EP
Label Rekids
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Techno

Radio Slave is back with a new EP on his own label Rekids and one can’t help wonder if he is already giving us a taste of what we can expect from his upcoming album that is set to be released in September. Radio Slave has been celebrated within the electronic music scene over the years for his charismatic and widely creative but sharp style, and he continues to underline his uniqueness through working with field recordings and self-made samples in his productions.

Rekids is a label that has gotten a lot of recognition for the innovative but yet recognizable music it releases, and they already have a catalogue with more than 100 releases by artists such as SHDW, D’Julz and David Morales.

‘Overdue EP’ sets off with ‘Revenge’ that cleverly creates associations to late nights in a busy city through the use of field-recorded samples. The mood of the night continues in a breaky style that follows, and where the groove is underlined by spherical elements building up to dry breaks before releasing its energetic and percussive feel upon you.

‘Reverse’ keeps its sound to the more minimal soundscape. Clean, on-point drums and claps lead the way in a charmingly dry track, only accompanied by a vibrant melody that pulsates with the groove.

The two-tracker is a well-crafted double A-side release. Radio Slave gives the listeners two varied styles that both draw lines to a sort of urban and raving feeling, but implement this in different ways. These are definitely both meant to be used frequently on the dance floor.

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