Ramon Tapia excels on Bedrock Records

Artist : Ramon Tapia presents El Carlitto
Title : Hysteria/ Intricate
Label : Bedrock
Release : Out Now
Genre : Techno

Its not often these days I hear a track and have to replay it from the first beat to the last again, but this EP from Ramon Tapia on the mighty Bedrock Records did just that. Ramon is known, to me at least, for his housier stuff. This side project though sees his re-examine his latin roots and play homage to his Belgian/Dutch heritage. The results are just stunning.

Ramon Tapia

Starting out with Hysteria, a deep beat and synth work belie the menace and power this track has. Elements are slowly added throughout to keep the listener engaged, all underpinned by a growling sub bass, and as the crescendo of the track is reached, Ramon unleashes a terrific melodic flourish.

Intricate is as the name suggests. This time latin percussion and a more standard progressive backbone give way to some interesting hoover action and high pitched risers before we are submerged back into the murky underbelly.

All in all, another Bedrock triumph.