Rare vinyl record from artist Scaramanga Silk sells for $41,095

We love a bit of vinyl hunting, but some people love it more than us and can clearly afford it. Record collectors are accustomed to dishing out the dough for coveted vinyl. When not digging in the discount bins, maybe you splurge regularly on new releases to keep your collection up-to-date. Perhaps you’ve paid a pretty penny for that one holy grail.

But have you ever dropped a cool $40,000?

 Discogs confirms the Most Expensive Item Sold to date is a 2008 pressing of Scaramanga Silk’s Choose Your Weapon selling for USD $41,095. Since 2018, one record has reigned as the most expensive item ever sold on Discogs: Prince’s Black Album.  At the very end of 2020, Discogs witnessed the sale that surpassed the Black Album‘s price tag of $27,500.

This news comes as Discogs releases their updated comprehensive lists of The 100 Most Expensive CDsThe 100 Most Expensive Cassettes, and The 100 Most Expensive Records Ever Sold through the Discogs Marketplace since its launch in 2005.   

Each list of the Most Expensive Records features items that were sold and paid for on Discogs. All prices have been converted to USD (United States Dollar) based on the exchange rate at the time of sale.

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