Rashid Ajami drops haunting ‘Dark City’ on Get Physical featuring Atjazz Remix


Rashid Ajami takes care of Get Physical’s next stunning house offering, with new single ‘Dark City’ featuring remixes from long time maestro Atjazz.

Ajami is a busy man with credits on key labels like Noir Music, Anjunadeep, and Ministry of Sound. He is also the founder of The Happiness Technique, which encourages people to process painful emotions in transformative ways. He certainly provides plenty of solace with his music, and this new single is a perfect example of that.

The enticingly moody ‘Dark City’ has aching male vocals drifting over a mournful house groove. There is warmth in the keys and plenty of space in the arrangement in which to get lost. It is a terrifically tender track that brings real class to house music.

Remixing is the ever-popular Atjazz, who has been synonymous with lush jazz house, lounge styles, and labels like Mantis and Atjazz Record Company for decades. He brings all his studio wizardry to a remix that bubbles with electronic soul and wavy grooves. His lithe synths add extra colour and make things more upbeat, while an Astro Dub is even more elastic and groovy for intimate late-night dancing.

This is another timeless house package from Get Physical.

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!