Red Bull Music Academy launch Mixing Board

Here’s a bit of fun from Red Bull Music Academy. They have just launched in collab with some cool artists, the RBMA Mixing Board, developed with Folder Studio. This digital tool allows you to make your own mix of exclusive tracks by some of electronic music’s top producers.

Putting you in control of the bpm and volume of separate parts of seven different tracks in varying styles, there’s original material to play with from artists including Mumdance & Rabit, Nightwave, and Bambounou. You scroll to increase or decrease the beats per minute, and move your cursor around the page to alter the mix.


Mixing Board is a musical and visual web experience highlighting the link between music and human emotion. As you play with each song, the selected videos correspond to the change in mood. Variations in tempo and feeling affect our physical and emotional response to music. These states of distress, excitement, anxiety and calm are unconsciously echoed through shifts in our facial expressions, and this collaboration between Red Bull Music Academy and Folder Studio offers endless possibilities for exploring this connection.