RCRDSHP artists can now use ‘Storefronts’ as a home for their music NFTs

RCRDSHP’s labels and artists can now unite their RCRDSHP NFT projects in one place and promote them directly to their fans and to the music NFT community at large, thanks to Storefronts. Storefronts will unlock discovery and give artists and labels new ways to present all their RCRDSHP projects in a single, easy-to-find spot, much the way Bandcamp does for legacy music formats.

With Storefronts, a Disco Fries fan, for example, can do a simple text search on RCRDSHP and find the Fries’ storefront. They can see everything Disco Fries has on RCRDSHP’s Secondary Market, any new Drops or Campaigns that are running, and all Fan leaderboards. They can also access audio snippets of music dropped on the platform. Fans can buy NFTs, share, research, or jump into a fun challenge right from there. Creators can promote Storefronts directly, giving them more opportunities to onboard music fans to their projects in an environment they control.

Following successful trials over the last few weeks with partners including Disco Fries, Magic Music and Codex, RCRDSHP will be opening up Storefronts to the entire roster of nearly 200 signed partners across the second half of 2022. Storefronts allow artists and labels direct access to the RCRDSHP platform with a curated music NFT and digital collectable store they control. Through direct NFT minting, control of pricing, and new promotional tools, Storefronts enable partners to design and run their own challenges and reward programs. They give creators new ways to reward fandom for their communities.

Artists, labels, festivals, and other content partners can manage their Storefronts via the RCRDSHP Creator Suite. This portal has already inspired a striking amount of NFT innovation, as creators set up direct-to-fan NFT sales hubs, run their own drops, and try new interactive approaches, such as minting 1-of-1 NFTs that let fans contribute to curation decisions and share in the revenue.

The intuitive simplicity guiding Storefronts’ tools and design reflects RCRDSHP’s dedication to making blockchain and NFTs accessible and relevant to music fans of all kinds. For fans, Storefronts offer new ways to engage with the artists they love, supporting them via a model that offers creators more of the revenue generated. It allows them to get involved with web3 and music NFTs with confidence by engaging with their favourite artists’ projects.

RCRDSHP wants web3 tech to benefit artists and excite music fans, even about to buy their first NFT.

“Storefronts is the latest example of our core value, to make music valuable and give more power to artists and fans. We are hoping our latest tools and innovations spur industry-wide impact and drive adoption of web3. New features like Storefronts are part of our bigger mission to reward fans and build a sustainable ecosystem for artists.” – Obie Fernandez, CEO and co-founder

RCRDSHP will also begin to support partner storefronts across the brand’s own marketing platforms and will launch a series of webinars and content marketing efforts including knowledge bases, FAQs, and peer-to-peer support to assist partners with fan onboarding and maximizing new opportunities.

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