Relive your raving days from 91 – 2001 with the seminal brand Reactivate featuring Jam & Spoon, Jones & Stephenson, John ’00’ Fleming, The Age Of Love and more

REACTIVATE ’91 – ‘01

Featuring tracks and mixes by Armin Van Buuren, Tony De Vit, John ‘00’ Fleming, S-J, Mrs Wood, Blu Peter, Peppermint Lounge, Marmion, Jens, E-Trax, Sundance, Push, GTO, Ramirez, Push, Elevator, Zero B & Joey Beltram.

With the 90s nostalgia firmly back in the spotlight, Reactivate, the pioneering techno, trance and hard house brand, popularised by cult electronic label React, has been reactivated by demand for a special best of album. ‘Reactivate 91-01’ will be released on Friday 20th November as a 37 track double CD mixed by 90s DJ icon Rachel Auburn and a 42 track unmixed digital download.

Back in the days when weekends began on Thursdays and 6am was not a late finish in clubland, accelerating track tempos fueled widespread decadent partying. When London, Berlin and Frankfurt throbbed to the sound of teutonic beats and Svan Vath and Carl Cox spun high-speed techno and trance, Reactivate ruled as the platform to hear the popular underground anthems making waves at the raves.

The Reactivate series, which sold over 500,000 albums, became a byword for new electronic music and introduced the burgeoning, uplifting European trance sound to UK clubbers, where it found favour at London at clubs such as Trade, The Gallery, Heaven, Bagleys, and Peach, plus Scotland and across the regions, as well as Europe, U.S., Australia, South Africa and Asia. The popularity of this sound led to the rise of superclubs such as Cream, Gatecrasher & Gods Kitchen promoting this style of music, which in turn became a pre-cursor for the EDM movement.

As the sound became more ubiquitous, tracks crossed over to the mainstream such as Zero B’s ‘Lock Up’, Jam & Spoon’s seminal remix of ‘The Age Of Love’ and trance anthem Push ‘Universal Nation’, as well as more quirky releases on the React label such as Mrs Wood’s ‘Joanna’ and Sundance ‘Sundance’ featured on this album. Other popular cult tracks including Tony De Vit’s remix of S-J ‘Fever’, Marmion ‘Schoneberg’, Jens ‘Loops ‘N’ Tings, Lemon Project ‘Peppermint Lounge’ and internationally renowned DJ Armin Van Buuren’s ‘Blue Fear’.

Rachel Auburn, Original Blitz kid and fashion designer, was raised to club stardom in the nineties by crossover singles under the Candy Girls alias and Freska compilation albums on React, plus legendary DJ residencies at Taboo, Trade and Tidy Trax. To celebrate its release Rachel played tracks from her Reactivate collection at Trade’s 25th Birthday.

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Digital download

1 The Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Remix)
2 Li Kwan – Point Zero
3 Elevator – Shinny (Harmony mix)
4 Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth (Red Jerry Remix)
5 Coloured Vision – Violet Rain
6 Blu Peter – Flagship (21st Anniversary Mix)
7 Cygnus X – Orange Theme
8 S-J – Fever (Tony De Vit Mix)
9 Mach One – Roadrunner
10 Push – Universal Nation
11 Sunbeam – Outside World
12 Blue Alphabet – Cybertrance
13 Blu Peter – Magic
14 Shimmon & Woolfson – Evil Queen (Full Force mix)
15 The Hellfire Club – Black Magic
16 Marmion – Schoneberg
17 Jens – Loops & Tings (Fruit Loops mix)
18 Blu Peter – Pictures In Your Mind (Arabesque mix)
19 S-J – Fever (Baby Doc remix)
20 Blu Peter – Flagship (Original Mix)
21 Seb – Sugar Shack (Surfin’ On The Clouds Mix)
22 Friends Lovers and Family – Tribute
23 John ’00’ Fleming – Alpha 5 (Olmec Heads remix)
24 Sour Mash – Pilgrimage To Paradise
25 Antartica – Return To Reality
26 Sundance – The Living Dream (Transa remix)
27 Armin – Blue Fear
28 Mrs Wood – The Awakening
29 Lemon Project – Peppermint Lounge
30 S-J – I Feel Divine (Baby Doc remix)
31 GTO – The Bullfrog
32 Fierce Ruling Diva – Rubb It In
33 E-Trax – Let’s Rock
34 Zero B – Lock Up
35 B-Sides – The Tape Remix
36 Beltram – Energy Flash
37 Spectrum – Brazil
38 GTO – Listen To The Rhythm Flow
39 Ramirez – Hablando
40 Fierce Ruling Diva – Rubb It In (Slick Note 2015 remix)
41 Sundance -Sundance
42 Mrs Wood – Joanna (Tony De Vit V2 Remix)

Rachel Auburn DJ Mixes
Mix 1

01. Lemon Project – Peppermint Lounge
02. GTO – The Bullfrog
03. GTO – Listen To The Rhythm Flow
04. Beltram – Energy Flash
05. Zero B – Lock Up
06. Spectrum – Brazil
07. B-Sides – The Tape Remix
08. Fierce Ruling Diva – Rubb It In
09. Mrs Wood – The Awakening
10. Ramirez & Pizarro – Hablando
11. E-Trax – Let’s Rock
12. S-J – Fever (Tony Devit Mix)
13. Mrs Woods – Joanna (Tony Devit V2 Remix)
14. Blu Peter – Magic
15. S-J – I Feel Divine (Baby Doc Mix)
16. Blu Peter – The Pictures In Your Mind (Arabesque Mix)
17. John ’00’ Fleming – Alpha 5 (Olmec Heads remix)
18. Sourmash – Pilgrimage To Paradise (Original Barrel Beat Mix)
19. The Hellfire Club – Black Magic

Mix 2

01. The Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Jam and Spoon Remix)
02. Seb – Sugar Shack (Surfin’ On Clouds Mix)
03. Li Kwan – Point Zero
04. Coloured Vision – Violet Rain
05. Marmion – Schoneberg
06. Friends, Lovers & Family – Tribute (Bucket & Spades)
07. Jens – Loops & Tings (Fruit Loops Mix)
08. Mach One – Road Runner
09. Blue Alphabet – Cybertrance
10. Blu Peter – Flagship (21st Anniversary Mix)
11. Sunbeam – Outside World
12. Antartica – Return To Reality
13. Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth (Red Jerry Remix)
14. Cygnus X -Orange Theme
15. Push – Universal Nation
16. Shimmon & Woolfson – Evil Queen (Full Force Mix)
17. Elevator – Shinny (Harmony mix)
18. Armin – Blue Fear

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