Exclusive Premier : REbEL – Hold You

The next offering from pioneering label Constant Circles sees the line between house and techno blurred in an exciting EP from established producer, label owner and visual artist Jonny Lawrence aka REbEL. Following releases on Last Night On Earth, Lower East & Alive, a string of successful visual art pieces and a wealth of recognition for his label Tough Luck, REbEL joins the Constant Circles roster to deliver three stripped back, warehouse inspired grooves, accompanied by his very own hand drawn piece of abstract art.

REbEL (real name Jonny Lawrence) certainly represents the moniker he has chosen, opting to focus on a more sincere approach to music than is typically found nowadays. Giving his music true soul, depth and meaning, as well as dancefloor-appeal, is what motivates the London-based artist and label owner. With a wealth of knowledge, a lust for production and years of dancefloor experience, Jonny has set the wheels in motion working tirelessly to achieve his dream…

Jonny’s involvement with the house and techno underground began over 10 years ago when he relocated from his native Buckinghamshire to Leicester. He flourished in the Midlands city, playing regularly for the infamous Sonido parties and starting his own event, Save The Pony. The reputation he built there soon spread beyond the city limits grabbing the attention of labels in Manchester (Electronique) and London (Lower East). Early releases centred on deep house with a rugged edge, though, in more recent times, the focus has gravitated towards tripped out techno.

Besides working on his own music and DJing, Jonny also helms his own label, Tough Luck (co-owned with friends Chris Cue and Twon), a platform that represents tough, raw techno with soul. Tough Luck embodies that powerful sound combined with trippy elements to create bewildering yet unforgettable moments. It’s a mature, Continental sound aimed directly at the dancefloor, where REbEL, a self-confessed diehard raver, spends a hell of a lot of his time.

Years of field research have informed his approach to making music and DJing, putting all the hours spent in sweaty warehouses to good use by transferring his extensive knowledge back into his productions. The success of Tough Luck’s first release, REbEL’s ‘History’ EP demonstrating how potent his depth of knowledge truly is. The EP was immediately picked up by many of the industry’s most influential tastemakers as well as receiving Mixmag’s “Techno Tune Of The Month” accolade.

This is a release I’ve personal been behind since day one. Hold You is a monstrous chugging peak time groover with wonderful swirling synths and glitchy vocals. Sounded amazing at Ministry of Sound a few weeks back. Le Son is a stripped down cut with analogue drums and a classy chord hook, and finally Once is a dynamic sonic journey from the hey days of progressive house.

And so continues the story of a label built on the foundations of an unquenchable thirst for the underground and a yearning for the sounds of the future, the past and all that emerges in between. Unceasing. Limitless. A constant circle.