The Red Man is an intriguing mix of pulse-pounding techno, paranoia and horror with shades of Kubrick for good measure.

Writer and Director Jimmie Gonzalez and Executive Producer iconic musician and entrepreneur John Acquaviva presents a modern day psychological mystery titled The Red Man which is a film about the ecstasy and depravity in the life of a contemporary DJ. Set to make its worldwide debut on October 25 via Video-on-Demand, the film stars Daniel Faraldo, Daniel Diamond and Michael O’Neal – Acquaviva says “This film will be around for some time for the generation who understands DJ culture and can appreciate a DJ as a protagonist.” Falling into the Art-House genre with directors using a slow burn approach, the film’s theme at its core is about conspiracy theories and how the paranoid mind reacts to them, leaving die-hard cinema fans on the edge of their seats.

“An intriguing mix of pulse-pounding techno, paranoia and horror with shades of Kubrick for good measure.” – Jimmy O (Film Critic,

Main Character Evan Gough appears to have it all, but beneath the fame and fortune, there lies a dark and twisted plot he slowly unravels within the walls of his trendy apartment building as well as his own mind. The Red Man dives into the difference between Gough’s traumatic experience and the façade he puts on for his fans. Acquaviva states “We can all feel like puppets in this consumer world and you have to realise that you can always fuck up—this film explores that. There are a lot of elements that are personal to just about everyone who watches this and certainly me.

French producer Oliver Giacomotto has produced a haunting score for the film. During the shooting, he actually pushed himself to the edge of exhaustion while matching sounds with the scenes. His versatility and depth are put on display, especially for those interested in the film’s subtle nuances. Giacomotto says “95% of the soundtrack is made with very specific frequencies, not music notes, the goal of those frequencies was to disturb the audience, causing discomfort and dizziness.

The Red Man has made appearances on the independent festival circuit such as Macabre Faire Film Festival, Nevada Film Festival, Torremolinos Spain, Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival, PDXtreme and Blow Up Chicago for 2015 culminating in team screening in Vegas, then closing at IMS Ibiza and Cannes. You can pre-order The Red Man on iTunes here.