rekordbox ver 3.0 for Android available now

AlphaTheta EMEA Corporation has today released a brand-new Android version of the free DJ app, rekordbox, from its Pioneer DJ brand. With an improved user interface that mirrors the layout of the PC/Mac version of the professional DJ platform, plus a host of handy new features, rekordbox for Android (ver. 3.0) makes it quick and easy to prepare music for performances.

With so much music available from so many different sources – including streaming services, record pools, and online stores – it’s essential for DJs to be able to quickly listen to new releases, pick tracks for their sets, and get files performance-ready. rekordbox for Android (ver. 3.0) makes life easier by giving you the freedom to preview music, hear how it will sound when mixed with other tracks in your library, create cue points, and transfer everything to your main rekordbox library so it’s ready for your next gig. You can do all of this one-handed via your phone, whether you’re at home, in the studio, or on the go.
rekordbox for Android (ver. 3.0) is available for free download. Use it to prepare your music for performances and manually sync tracks and data to your main rekordbox library via the same local network using Mobile Library Sync.1 And if you want to automatically synchronize your music across multiple devices via any network from any location, you can use Cloud Library Sync with a rekordbox Creative plan subscription and a Dropbox account. Download here

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