rekordbox version 6.0 subscription plans explained

In April 2020, Pioneer DJ released rekordbox ver. 6.0: a major update to their professional DJ application. A huge number of fresh features have been introduced as well as a new subscription system with a Free plan that includes a host of functions including Export mode (for transferring tracks to USB drives and playing them on CDJs or XDJs) and full use of Performance mode when you control it with your computer.

The two additional paid plans each bring extra features such as Cloud Library Sync, which enables you to sync your rekordbox library across multiple devices via the cloud when you use the Creative plan.

“We understand there’s a lot of information to absorb, so we’ve written a guide to each rekordbox ver. 6.0 plan to help you pick the one that’s perfect for you.” – Pioneer DJ

For the full breakdown of each plan check out the Pioneer DJ website.

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