Resistance Ibiza Closing Party – An amazing jaw to the floor clubbing experience!

I have heard a lot about Resistance this summer in Ibiza and the ethos of the work that they do, their production values and the way everything is setup and run. This isn’t surprising as its the crew behind the Ultra events so the heritage and foundations are strong.

When descending upon Privilege my mind always casts back to that golden era of Manumission and more recently my visit to the Pure Carl Cox event which was amazing. You start to try and measure up how these other events will feel when you enter such a space like Privilege. Unfortunately I did miss the stellar programming of Sasha & Digweed who I have followed for nigh on 20 years now but the line up this closing party of Resistance was also a strong one with Dubfire, Nicole Moudaber and Paco Osuna heading up the event as B2B trio of techno.

What hit me first, fucking everything !!! The production, the lighting setup, the sound, the stage, the crowd, the vibe, the music. It was all on point and it’s quite rare I say that as there is always something missing from events as of recent. It felt refreshing to be wowed by going out clubbing as with so many years under my belt it can get a bit stale.

At one point through the night I was simply stood there, arms folded looking around and to some it might have looked as I wasn’t enjoying myself, even my wife commenting on how I was standing and what I was doing. The only thing I could do is take my time to take in the sensory information which was available, it was amazing and my jaw was on the floor. Eats Everything killed it in the main room, I am not one for being a tune nerd but the music he was putting on was a mix of some classic acid sounds, banging techno and all round fun stuff like Eats puts on. I really didn’t move from the main room while I was there so unfortunately didn’t check out the other spaces available with performances from HOSH B2B Edu Imbernon, Monoloc, and Fur Coat to name a few, I am guessing they will have been tended too well though.

For a first year, I believe Resistance was a great success. This provides a solid foundation for this event to build on next year and I hope for more of this in the 2018 season. One of if not my favourite nights of 2017. Well done guys.

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