Review – Anjunadeep release Kill For Love EP by Clarian

Artist : Clarian
Title : Kill For Love EP
Label : Anjunadeep
Release : 17/07/15
Genre : Deep House

Clarian provides the latest release for the much loved Anjunadeep label, famed for it’s emotional melodic vibes.
The hugely talented Canadian artist, based in Berlin, has released on great labels such as Visionquest, Turbo, Life and Death, My Favorite Robot Records and more as a solo artist. Also collaborating with Guy Gerber and Seth Troxler to huge acclaim. He also fits A&R duties for Seth Troxler’s Soft Touch imprint in to his hectic touring and studio schedule.

“Kill For Love” is the title track of the EP. Delicate melodies ease you in, giving things a light and tropical vibe. Clarian’s vocals immediately add emotion, along with a nice warm bassline that springs into life after the intro section. A beautiful bright synth melody is introduced to carry you into a lovely breakdown. Effected synths and airy white noise swirl around before an acid line comes in to add some craziness. Clarian builds the atmosphere and emotion throughout, right up to a heavenly peak. A gorgeous, uplifting piece of music.

“Lucid Dreamers” picks the pace up a notch. Beginning with a heavier beat to kick things off, this one starts stripped back, with more drive to the rhythm for when you’re firmly locked on to the dance floor. Warm pads ease in to start building the atmosphere. The bass and sprinklings of acid build the intensity as you’re worked into a sexy and hypnotic groove. Sweet bendy synths add some lovely swoon and romance. Delayed vocals are soaked in reverb to all add to the dreamy atmosphere. The acid is cranked up after the lush breakdown as you’re sent back in to the groove. Lovely deep hypnotic stuff.

“I Was Born In Outer Space” starts with sweet melodic sequences and breathy vocal shots. The melody rises to a bright crescendo to announce the arrival of the bassline and we go off into a spacey funk. Clarian’s ace vocals come in, the brilliantly fun lyrics can’t fail to put a smile on your face. Bright arps increase the intensity, rising and falling to mesmeric effect with sweeping vocal pads building everything right up to a glorious melodic climax. Deep and trippy, with a wicked funk to it, “I Was Born In Outer Space” is a wonderful bit of space age disco.

A fantastic EP! Clarian told me that he recorded the vocals at some temple ruins in the jungle… which certainly suits the deep, humid and tropical vibes of the EP. It also explains the “monkey on my face” lyrics in “I Was Born In Outer Space”

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