Review – Ash Roy Tesseract EP

The ongoing pandemic had led many of us to explore ourselves creatively. Uncertainty has left most of us feeling lost and wary, particularly artists who thrived through musical performances. The lack of social gatherings and dance floors has pushed us to connect with ourselves, and Soupherb records label boss has gone on to focus his energies into creating this brand new 4-track solo EP titled Tesseract. Drawing inspiration from Berlin’s underground dance music culture and vibe, this EP marks an evolution so to speak in Ash Roy‘s style. He is a well known force in India’s underground dance music scene, currently based out of Berlin, he has taken his label and the sounds to Germany and enjoys an integral part in the Minimal Techno movement of the country.

This release is out and these four unique techno tracks are sure to take you back to the nights of throbbing dance floors, blinding lights, and a blasting sound system doing it’s thing.

While the title track is a grimy grungy march, it can still conjure up warmth to the soul which is usually not often heard in new age Techno. Spectral in the meanwhile starts from where Tesseract leaves us arms akimbo, wanting more of brain melting, heady dancing.

Magnitude and Skyrocket both are functional Techno fare, as the former has a strong sense of groove, the kind of tracks DJs could pull out just about anytime especially very late night, on to the latter which has a subtle funk. The textures aren’t so much distorted as gently crisped. (Over-applied distortion is a common pitfall when producers are going for a crunchier sound, and thankfully Ash sidesteps it.) The dial-up modem sounds and automaton beat make for an interesting contrast with the wistful melody that suddenly appears here and there.

A quality EP and would have worked wonders for the Techno heavy dance floors of the world, if it weren’t for the times we live in.


1. Tesseract

2. Spectral

3. Magnitude

4. Skyrocket

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Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.