Review – Asia Music release Lobuki EP by Quinn Jerome

Artist: Quinn Jerome
Title: Lobuki EP
Remixers: Marc Poppcke, Alinep
Label: Asia Music
Genre: Tech House
Release Date: May 2015

Asia Music’s 37th release rolls out the red carpet to San Francisco’s youthful talent Quinn Jerome with an EP titled “Lobuki”. This EP’s title track “Lobuki”, original mix is that prime cut one can’t get enough off. Wait till the beat and wobbly bass kicks in, announcing the track’s breathless opening stabs, which in all is good enough to eat and your sold. Sprinkled with vocal warbles, peeking in and out, there’s clatters of space for the percussion, so that the short Tectonic-styled bass fest gets a full hearing. A succinct, but solid opening gambit for Quinn, with plenty of business for the dance floor.

The first of the two remixes for the title tune, comes from Marc Poppcke. His remix turns in to a tasteful balance between head and feet. His rework has quirky squiggles, interspersed with glistening perky beats. There’s also a subtle sense of grace in this dance floor friendly remix, with shards of groovy bass, slivers of vocalism that’s placed intelligently so. Rarely does a Tech House release hit classy, and yet it makes one move so well, too.

Flip to Manila musician Alinep, his remix just makes the pack get even better. Fastening on stabs of muted percussives, floaty vocals, and a languorous bass line, this one is to be embraced in total. His rework just dunks you in to a vat of atmospheric, underground acid and that rock steady bass, submerges your brain to a wondrous dance land.

The last tune of the EP, “Sotecnia” is a quicker paced wonder. There’s a welcome bass kick over effects, including a nifty backwards rhythm. One will remember this track, cause of it’s far reaching atmospherics, that can take over every corner of the room it’s thrown at, effortlessly. The breakdown and thereafter is just sublime, as acidic bursts of otherworldy dance beats, meets a dark and eerie crisp high end percussives, and not to forget that unrivalled bass.

This pack is a must have!!!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.