Review – Blue Amazon releases Teaser EP on Pro-B-Tech Records

Artist: Blue Amazon
Title: Teaser EP
Label: Pro-B-Tech Records
Release Date: 13/07/2015
Genre: Progressive/Techno

Blue Amazon is a name that has been associated with quality over the years with a number of classic tracks including “No Other Love” and “The Javelin Album”, and remixes for the likes of Sasha, Skunk Anansie, New Order, and Madonna. Mr Softley presents 3 tracks in the form of an EP that cross the delightful worlds of progressive and techno. I believe the name Teaser came from the idea that we are being teased about future sounds from Blue Amazon or something along those lines…

First up on the EP is “Teaser 1” which is a track that sits across many genres including house, progressive, and techno. The track is all based around a great groove and a great bouncy sound that keeps things interesting and flowing nicely throughout. Lee adds some wicked effects and chords to give the track a little more warmth and passion, and all in all is a very well constructed track. A track that will certainly be in a lot of DJ’s collections over the summer months. Nice work Mr Softley.

The second track on the EP is “Teaser 2” and as you might expect is similar to the opening track but this time Lee has added a more techno vibe to the track. It appears to have a little more pace but has been stripped back more to encompass that sound of a more techno driven track. Again the track has a solid groove and will certainly grace the sets of many progressive/techno DJs I am sure.

The final track on the EP, “Dilute The Poison” is the more pacey of the three tracks and one I would turn to the most on the release. The track has a great funky rolling bassline, some analogue sounding drum kicks, and some very well thought out percussion and hi hats that help to bring this track to life. Lee really has captured what are the great and most important elements of a techno track here and moulded them together perfectly. The track has a great moodiness to it which I am personally always a huge fan of!

With early support from the likes of Sasha and Nick Warren you know what you are getting here, and you should check it out. I’m looking forward to seeing what Lee released over the next few months; I hope he stays on this moody techno path!

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. If he was to describe his preferred style of music he would probably describe it simply as electronic music. Besides his love for music and DJing his other passions are travel, wine, and eating too much good food!