Review: David August releases a stunning two tracker on Counter Records

Artists: David August
Title: J.B.Y./Ouvert
Label: Counter Records (Ninja Tune)
Digital Release: ‘J.B.Y.’ out now and ‘Ouvert’ out end of March
12” Release: ‘J.B.Y./OUVERT’ – Out May 2016
Genre: Electronica

There are very few artists these days that blow me away, but Hamburg based David August is one of those artists. His productions are just another level of art and he is an artist that never fails to deliver incredible emotional journeys. His releases on Diynamic and Stil Vor Talent are journeys of musical genius and one of pleasure. Enough with my waffle and onto the release…

First up we have the lead single J.B.Y. which is now available for all to hear in the usual places. The track is one of those usual down paced tracks by David August and the uplifting arpeggios are just divine. From the off the vocal snippets add a stunning feel to the track and keep things on that intelligent uplifting tip. As you would expect the track is filled with stunning ethereal and atmospheric vibes and the melodic feel of the track transports you to places only this man can transport you to. This is not music for the techno fraternity and it is not even music designed for the house clubs around the globe. This is music for those who wish to be transported to a place that is beyond the obvious and into one of those Erased Tapes-esque places of beauty and tranquility.

Next up on this release is the unrealised (as yet) ‘Ouvert’ which is very much of the same ilk of the opening track. It begins its journey in a blissed out electronic place and chilled vibe before the slow paced drums take a hold of proceedings. It is not too long before the pace and feel of the track alters into what is not that dissimilar to an upbeat electronic miss mash of drums of incredibly placed melodic vibes. David August is one of a few electronic producers that I would class as classically trained in that he appears to create beauty in such an effortless yet creative manner. He is without doubt one of the masters of his craft and one I would classify as faultless and alongside the likes of Max Cooper and such like.

This is David August’s debut on Counter Records and the only thing I am surprised by is the fact he has not appeared on this label sooner. If you listen to and appreciate quality musicians, and don’t just hear them, you will adore this release. A truly divine piece of music by a true future legend!

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!