Review – Funk D’Void’s BreakThru List Volume Two

Back in 2022, Funk D’Void launched the Breakthru List compilation as a means of promoting the talented crop of artists on his Twitch feedback stream. The Breakthru List 2 sees the return of the carefully curated compilation and showcases once again the diverse talent that graces his show each week. This time round, the legendary Barcelona-based DJ and producer is donating the profits to the ADHD foundation, which means that by grabbing a copy you will be doing your bit for a good cause.

Elysian Underground kicks off the compilation with a track that transports the listener hazily back to a field somewhere in the UK during the early nineties. The progressive throb of the acidic lead is enveloped by celestial synths that shimmer around the sonic spectrum, evoking emotions that salute the halcyon days of dance music. This type of sound is gaining in popularity with labels like Craigie Knowes and Kalahari Osyter Kult reinterpreting the sounds of this golden period, and this is an excellent cut which could pick up some serious rotation. Ramion is up next, with ‘Clockwork Coincidence’ a relentless but minimal slice of modernist techno that is all brooding synth lines and dystopian washed-out pads. Elsewhere, fellow Scotsman Noisy Shaun turns up with a fine slab of bleeping Detroit-influenced techno on ‘Disaster Shaun’, a surgically produced ode to Motor City full of aquatic Drexciya-style pads and robotic glitches. Lovely stuff.

The diversity at the heart of this musical community is reflected through tracks like Akyut, Vokon’s ‘Halogens’, a track that merges neon-pop, synth wave, and downtempo rhythms within its eighties-influenced sonic aesthetics. Spring Goose pops up with an off-kilter minimal number that would not sound out of place on an early Pokerflat release, whilst Milkster dips into some dark and delicious electro diversions on ‘Pendulous’. The package is rounded off with two techno offerings in the shape of Enerty’s fierce ‘Rolling On’ and experienced producers Southsonik’s acidic throbber ‘The Wrench Monkey’, a track that grooves along the techno superhighway rather sublimely. 

Curated by Funk D’Void over an extended period, the quality remains high throughout, delivering a thoroughly enjoyable romp through house, techno, and electronica. After his recent hiatus from the streaming platform due to touring and radio commitments, the Scottish producer is due to return to Twitch in the next few weeks where he is sure to unearth yet more gems from the growing community of artists.

Available via Bandcamp

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Freelance journalist for the likes of Decoded Magazine, Make Your Transition and Trip Radio, Geraint Rees is a passionate advocate for the power of electronic music. Over recent years, he has produced music for the excellent Rhythm Cult imprint under his Acitone alias and his emotive Detroit influenced techno has found its way into the boxes of smart selectors from Just Her to Funk D’Void. In his free time, he is regularly found inhabiting a dark box known as ‘the studio’, rearing his band of unruly cats and fanatically supporting Spurs.