Review : Marco Cardoza “Its about evolution, I want my sounds to evolve and not be stuck in the same sounds and concepts as when I started.”

Winnipeg based label UNT Records, owned by John Norman is proud to welcome newcomer Marco Cardoza to the label as he presents us with 2 very impressive original cuts that will fit any time of night. Marco brings a signature set of dark elements and heavy bass lines on these 2 tracks that between sun down and sun up, are sure to add energy and get the techno fists pumping.

If you were to try and look up more about Marco Cardoza, much to your dismay, it may be hard to find any lengthy biography or commentaries about him but after hearing his music it became clear that this artist is more prone to speak through his productions that be concerned about any superfluous fluff and his new EP, Future, speaks volumes on his behalf.

This being said though, anytime we come across a new name that impresses us, we want to delve deeper to learn more about what makes the artist tick. Instead of simply reviewing his work, I decided to reach out on behalf of Decoded Magazine North America and ask Marco a few questions myself because to learn of new talent in Canada is always a treat and when it sounds as good as Marco’s Future EP, it almost seems imperative to know more. I’d like to thank Marco personally for taking the time to let us in to his world as well as sharing his creations.

He starts out by telling us how he started producing in the first place. The production quality of his tracks leads one to believe he may have been doing this for decades but his story tells a different tale.

“I started producing a couple years back. I was DJing regularly in clubs, and it became very routine, so I decided to take a break from DJing. At this point I had been making music but very little and nothing very good, so I called up a friend that had been producing for a while. I had asked him for help on learning Logic. After I got down the basics of the program I locked myself away for a couple months just making music. I ended up getting another gig after a while and played a song of mine. The reaction was more than I could have hoped for. The feeling of playing your own music and having people dance and go crazy to it was the best feeling in the world to me. From there I was hooked and kept at it.”

He went on to describe his influences;

“Growing up I was very into hip hop and a lot of my early productions have influences from that, vocals and certain distinct sounds. As I got more into producing my sound really changed, I was listening more and more to techno and darker tech. A lot of Nicole Moudaber’s music has been very influential to me, her breakdowns and drops. Also Alan Fitzpatrick and how his simplicity and grove comes out on his tracks. The progression of Hans Bouffmyhre’s tracks and how they build have also been huge in the way I make my music. Of course there are a ton of producers that I look up to, and a lot it is just to keep trying to make different music, not all the same stuff. Its about evolution, I want my sounds to evolve and not be stuck in the same sounds and concepts as when I started.”

Of course I had to ask, what was the inspiration for this particular EP?

“The EP’s inspiration comes from Movement in Detroit. I was at the festival last year and it was just life changing for me, as soon as I got back into the studio I was just inspired to recreate the feelings and experiences I had at the festival. Simple drops. Lots of groove. Heavy kicks. “Giving You” was more a song about the festival and feel of it. Being outdoors and having these groovy tracks hit you through out the day. “Untitled Luv” was about the after party feels, the warehouse raves.”

So now that we have a little background information on the man behind the music, let’s take a listen to what all the fuss is about.

Giving You – Within the first moments of pressing play on Giving You, listeners are able to tell immediately that Marco means business. His no-hold-bars approach with a heavy bass and complementary percussion are prime examples of what proper techno is and should be made of these days. With so much ambiguity in the techno scene as to what a ‘true techno’ sound is, Marco leaves nothing to the imagination, spelling it out for us in 4/4, drawing listeners to its deep, round sound. Perfect for a heavier set, Giving You heralds the crowd to the dance floor only to mesmerize them with a classy intensity that is both inviting and dominating. The vocal gives the track a unique flare but adding the human element in digitized form with just the right amount of effects to keep his suave. When it says, “Baby, I’d give you my world” it’s a little clarity through dialogue as to what Marco was aiming to do with this track. Versatile and catchy, Giving You will definitely turn up the heat on the dance floor at any time of night.

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Untitled Luv is the perfect companion for Giving You, balancing out the Future EP in the most delightful way. Techno lovers will rejoice again with Marco’s tailored sound as Untitled Luv rips through the air with a vengeance. The one thing I notice about Marco’s work is that it is simplistic but carries so much impact due to how clear and well produced it is. A lot of times, producers go buck wild with the high hats and percussion and it just completely takes away from how powerful the track is. There is a fine line between being tasteful and overdoing the highs and Marco keeps it all under control in the sexiest of way. Untitled Luv is a little heavier than Giving You and adds a flirty vocal saying, ‘I love you’ that adds a tasty little spice versus being cliché. It is the perfect sonic recipe with just the right amount of ingredients.

There you have it. If you didn’t know Marco Cardoza before, after one listen you won’t forget him. Better still, you’ll be on the hunt for more from him. If this Future EP is any example of what the future of his productions holds, Canada better hold on tight because he is on his way to the top at Mach speed.

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