Review – Intec release Final Approach EP by Marco Bailey

Artist: Marco Bailey
Title: Final Approach EP
Label: Intec Digital
Release Date: Out Now!
Genre: Techno

The latest release off Carl Cox and Jon Rundell’s seminal imprint, Intec is one by Belgian Techno legend Marco Bailey, titled ‘Final Approach’.

Marco Bailey has often been called a pioneer in techno, having a solid style that has continuously evolved over the years, however his roots are deeply embedded in Techno and he once again solidifies that with his latest release. This is Marco’s 5th release on Intec and it’s a proper belter, where both tracks, if dropped in a main-room set will cause a state of dance floor mayhem.

The title track, ‘Final Approach’ is acid-tinged, hard on the beats and atmospheric on the percussions. It’s a warehouse style peak time track that will set the floor on fire, especially with the high levels of tension that it builds. Pounding beats and a high-energy hook is the defining moment and it adds another level of oomph to this track.

On the other hand, we have ‘Leda’, which has a percussion-like intro and brings in different layers and loops that build the track, without slipping in too many melodies. However, as the track reaches it’s peak, there’s a heady vibe that has been built with the introduction of a rather addictive melody that lifts the track to it’s peak time status.

I don’t think there’s any way you could doubt the adroitness and technical capabilities of Marco Bailey, and once you get your hands on this release, it will reinforce your belief – if you had any doubt – that he is undisputedly an authority in techno.

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