Review: Jody Barr releases Sheila’s Demands on Krankbrother

Artist: Jody Barr
Title: Sheila’s Demands
Label: Krankbrother
Cat No: 007
Release Date: Out Now!
Genre: House

It’s fair to say brothers Dan and Kieran Clancy aka Krankbrother (Yes they are actually brothers) have been fairly busy over the last five years, finding time to not only release a batch of storming house tracks themselves but also run a host of highly successful events, daytime street raves and even set up their own eponymous label. The Krankbrother imprint has provided a platform for some of house music’s hottest new talent and it’s on this label that producer Jody Barr serves up his latest offering.

Having already released a couple of hefty house EPs for the label back in 2015, which found favour with the likes of George Fitzgerald, Barr picks up pretty much where he left off. ‘Sheila’s Demands’ opens in boisterous fashion, with what seems to be the sound of an approaching train introducing the oncoming sonic assault. Thunderous bass dominates the track, while off kilter percussion skits in and out of the mix producing various peaks and troughs for the listener. A great start then!

However, it’s ‘Coloured Silk’ which hits the nail squarely on the head. Bucking the current trend for all things deep, cerebral and dare I say it Berlin, Barr hits us straight in the nether regions with a low blow of simple throbbing tech-house (Yes I know that’s a dirty word for some now but hear me out). His sound undeniably has a smidgen of fidget house about it but that’s no bad thing when it’s done well, and my does it do it well. It should be no surprise hearing this then that the track has stomped it’s way into the sets of luminaries such as Laurent Garnier, Adam Beyer and Sasha. Arriving like the hypnotic bastard offspring of Switch’s ‘Get Your Dub On’, the track hammers it’s way into you brain and rattles those subs. Mid-way through, the monolithic bass line kicks in elevating the track even further but by that point you are already locked into the infectious groove. Elsewhere ‘A Sagittariun Remix’ is on remix duties concocting a deeper acid tinged interpretation, which bobs along pleasantly enough but it’s all about the original here.

About the Author

Record collector, music maker and spurs fanatic Geraint Rees has been involved in DJing and club promotion for well over a decade. He is currently a promoter and DJ for the four:four project, a Manchester collective who organise club events that support a range of worthwhile charities and promote high quality music. Over the last few years he has produced techno as Acitone for labels such as Stripped and Hype Music. In his free time, he is found regularly inhabiting a dark box like hole known as ‘the studio’ and trying to rear his band of unruly cats.