Review – Jozif drops A Million To One EP on Leftroom

Artist: Jozif
Title: A Million To One EP
Label: Leftroom Limited
Released: Out now!
Cat No: LEFTLTD043
Genre: House

London based musician Jozif comes good with his return to Leftroom Limited with a three tracker EP, that suggests that good House music is going nowhere. As you zone in to the title cut “A Million To One”, one immediately meets lurchy grooves and much shuffling ensues. A propulsive yet markedly odd track meant for late night wiggling. The swinging beat and drummy source, co-operates nicely with bassy stabs that turn out rather friendly and generously warm. The in your face pads hurry along and guide you straight to the floor, and the infectious quality of the track is further established with the stringy aided melody pulsing about on it’s own accord.

Flipping over to the other side “The Spandex Ballet” turns the tempo up a notch or more. One cannot help but say hello to the wondrous run, of a cunning arpeggios filling the brains like soft cottony clouds. And the drops get acidic and fierce, as the bass shudders mean business and does it’s damage to your unsuspecting feet. The track runs along like a wild one after a crackling breakdown, the kind you wouldn’t associate with this style of music. So bravo!

The title track gets another version called Sunset Live Jam to finish things off on a melt down. Watery bass fills, haunting melodic pads stretch out and touch every membrane lovingly so. It’s also time to turn your brains off. Don’t mind if I do, this one’s beautiful.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.