We review the latest from UK duo TR20 – Mini

Artist : TR20
Title : Mini
Label : Pro-B-Tech
Release : Out Now
Genre : Progressive House

When I met TR20 at ADE last year, what struck me about their story was just how committed they are to the music they make and the label – Kyubu, they started. Its that passion which shines through in this their first album. No strangers to hard work, each track is meticulously constructed for maximum dance floor effect, and the hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Everyone from BBC Radio 1’s Namone to techno legends like Colin Dale are singing their praises.

So on to the music. Its no secret I rate these guys’ work. They make the kind of tough house I remember from Prog’s glory days, but with a modern aesthetic. Its pleasing to the ear and sounds great on a packed, sweaty dance floor! What they do really well is blur the lines between genres (a nightmare for music journos like!) Ooph sounds like mid 00s James Holden on acid. Its crisp beats making way for a dark reese bass and off kilter, winsome synth lines. its thought provoking 3am music. Continuing that off kilter theme is Jamonic. Cleverly keyed bass notes dance playfully around the drums and tasty hats. This one feels more summery and I expect to see it do damage on the more knowledgable floors of the world.

Shambles is far from it. Its a carl craig-esque sonic journey of the highest order, and shows off some pretty clever production skills. My personal favourite is the bouncy Buffalo Disco. Expect me to play this track a lot! Funky as hell, it marries cowbells, twisted bass and that familiar disco template into an ever involving maelstrom. Its like Daft Punk on steroids. Brilliant! Finally, Flow Motion with its echoed sonics and tight production end this Mini (sic) masterpiece! On the one hand techno inspired, this is undoubtedly progressive house in its purest form, a perfect symbiosis.

Its out now via Beatport here, so stop wasting time and BUY IT!!!