Review – Mariano Mellino gets full release on Sudbeat

Artist: Mariano Mellino
Title: Mockenbrucke
Label: Sudbeat
Released: Out Now!
Genre: Progressive/Techno

Argentina has a new dance floor marauder… Mariano Mellino leaves no doubt in my mind, as a talent to be reckoned with. And Sudbeat does well, to release this EP titled “Mockenbrucke”, and three more tunes that epitomise shameless cutting edge vitalism.

The A side presents “Mockenbrucke”, a track that promises the swag and delivers. A sizzling steely drummy pattern that gives way for much floor canoodling. The low slung, incessant bass wanders off in to oblivion and back. Halfway through the electronic machinery goes in to over drive with a wet synth punishing your ear drums, astoundingly steady right through the end.

Hitting the B side, “Krumme Lanke”, I am faced with a beast of a track. Dark and sinewy, rich with night time antics around the body, it’s that coiled serpent, you come to love in an instant and surrender to. The dangerous curves of this cut, are sublime and puts you in a hypnotic spell like no other. The laconic melodic line cascades around a revolutionary groove and toys nonchalantly with the bass and warm-hearted dub drifts get fantastic to hear, and when the stitled not-quite-techno opening patterns lock together, it all makes for a beautiful kind of dense sense.

Flipping over to “Natural”, happens to be more direct, as some sanity gets restored after the insane beauty of the previous work. This original opens up to classic dubby goodness, the quirky interiors and squally bass gets a pitch up to be the monster weapon one can throw on any floor, with instant results. Texturally, it’s not too far from Krumme Lanke, yet there’s a fat sound, that gives it a lot of depth, and siphoning currents of noise that lend a welcoming change from the otherwise expected use of melody.

The finisher “Hijo De Shiva” showcases Mariano’s musical variations and strength in spades, an extra ordinary work, a gentle giant that sways to you. The crowd pleasing melodic aesthetics are all in place with this one. There’s oodles of twitchy rhythm, wiggling bass, the tinny honks and soft pads rotate and revolve around an inspired bass line.

All left to say, this EP is a winner!!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.