REVIEW – Music to Die For Recordings brings a unique twist to the future-facing label compilation concept

Music To Die For Recordings has reimagined the compilation album concept in a pioneering move to showcase the label’s future stars’ best. Breaking from convention to champion forward-thinking music, the British imprint’s new annual ‘Artists To Die For’ compilation comes in three distinct parts – DJ-friendly club versions, tighter edits for fast-paced consumption and innovative remixes. But the unique twist is this; completing the trifecta each artist has reinterpreted a label mate’s track, stimulating creative growth within the Music To Die For family.

Cultivating a Music To Die For artist community where producers can thrive, find the confidence to experiment and genuinely flourish is central to label boss Johnny Hudson’s vision. “This community approach provides a shared support network for our like-minded artists, promotes collaboration and the cross-pollination of sounds, and encourages the free flow of new creative ideas,” said Johnny. “It strengthens the connection, growth and artistic evolution within the label family.”

That vision comes to life across the new compilation, which kicked off with ‘Music To Die For Presents: Artists To Die For v1’ in September. Featuring a dozen standout originals that traversed from lush, dreamy electronica and organic house, through melodic techno and tech-house to dancefloor-destroying acid, it landed as a statement of intent, underscoring the eclectic, genre-defying attitude of the label.

Aimed at streaming and radio play, the ‘Edits’ version followed in late ’23 and now, completing the hat-trick, comes the final definitive version spanning three discs and titled ‘Expanded & Remixed’.

A showcase of future-facing sounds and ideas, these new interpretations – the debut official remix outing for several of the artists – shift the album into top gear. For example, bringing the same energy that’s made him a favourite across warehouse raves in London and basements in Berlin, GIVE LOVE turns in a deep, dreamy and acid-laced soundscape version of Fauxplay’s ‘Ascension’; Eyal F. – the LA-based artist formerly known as Descent – keeps the same loved-up mood going, layering pensive and twinkling keys into his widescreen trance-inducing take of Stuart King’s ‘Aloe Vera’; and London duo Speakman’s re-rub of ‘Give You Love’ by GIVING LOVE is a raucous workout of fizzing synths and cosmic breakbeats.

Among the 12 featured artists, including Indie Elephant, Ryan Martyn, Hudson and Gus F, two talented 19-year-olds nurtured and developed by the label also make their mark. goes unconventional with her twisted dancefloor rework of Mallinder’s ‘Heavy Rotation’, while the.CHAIN adds his heart-wrenching vocals to’s beautifully melancholic ‘Eternity’.

“The level of imagination, originality and creative thinking that each of the artists displays across the album is outstanding,” said Hudson. “They’re not afraid to rip up the rulebook and the result is forward-thinking music that’ll impact listening experiences and dancefloors worldwide. This sets the stage perfectly for what’s to come from these brilliant talents on the label soon.”

With five Beatport Top 5 releases and eight Hype Chart No.1s in its young history to date, plus numerous EPs and artist albums in the pipeline for 2024, Music To Die For is a label to watch.

You can buy/stream ‘Music To Die For Presents: Artists To Die For Expanded & Remixed’ here. Connect with the label on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube and Bandcamp.

Artists To Die For: Expanded & Remixed Tracklisting

Disc 1

1. Indie Elephant ‘Other Side (Edit)’

2. Mallinder ‘Heavy Rotation (Club Edit)’

3. Hudson x Fauxplay ‘Smoke Rings (Edit)’

4. Speakman x French For Rabbits ‘High (Radio Mix)’

5. GIVE LOVE ‘Give U Love (Original Edit)’

6. Fauxplay ‘Ascension (Edit)’

7. ‘Eternity (Radio Edit)’

8. Eyal F ‘The Boat (Edit)’

9. Stuart King ‘Aloe Vera (Radio Mix)’

10. The.Chain ‘He’s Peaking Sideways (Edit)’

11. Gus F ‘So Good (Radio Edit)’

12. Ryan Martyn ‘Awakening Skies (Radio Edit)’

Disc 2

1. Fauxplay ‘Ascension (GIVE LOVE Acid Dreamscape)’

2. Stuart King ‘Aloe Vera (Eyal F. Remix)’

3. GIVE LOVE ‘Give U Love (Speakman Remix)’

4. Mallinder ‘Heavy Rotation ( Remix)’

5. Speakman x French For Rabbits ‘High (Hudson Remix)’

6. ‘Eternity (the.CHAIN Vocalic Remix)’

7. Ryan Martyn ‘Awakening Skies (Indie Elephant Remix)’

8. Eyal F ‘The Boat (Fauxplay Remix)’

9. Hudson x Fauxplay ‘Smoke Rings (Stuart King Remix)’

10. the.CHAIN_He’s Peaking Sideways (Gus F Remix)’

11. Gus F ‘So Good (Mallinder Remix)’

12. Indie Elephant ‘Other Side (Ryan Martyn New Spirit Remix)’

Disc 3

1. Speakman x French For Rabbits ‘High’

2. ‘Eternity’

3. Stuart King ‘Aloe Vera’

4. Indie Elephant ‘Other Side (Club Edit)’

5. Mallinder ‘Heavy Rotation (Terrace Mix)’

6. Fauxplay ‘Ascension’

7. Ryan Martyn ‘Awakening Skies’

8. Eyal F ‘The Boat’

9. Hudson x Fauxplay ‘Smoke Rings (Club Mix)’

10. GIVE LOVE ‘Give U Love (Acid Rework)’

11. The.Chain ‘He’s Peaking Sideways’

12. Gus F ‘So Good’

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