Review – Nicole Moudaber & Skin – Breed EP

Artists: Nicole Moudaber, Skin, Zfk
Title : Breed EP
Release Date 18th September 2015
Label: Mood
Genre: Techno

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Nigerian-born Techno diva Nicole Moudaber has delivered a fire starter EP for the dance floor with her latest release titled “Breed” out on “Mood Records”. This is not a solo EP by Moudaber. English vocalist, model and DJ “Skin” is the co-creator of all 5 House-inspired Techno tracks.

Starting off the EP is “Don’t Talk To Me I’m Dancing” featuring Zebra Katz (Mad Decent). The analog bass drones and high toms create a great groove throughout the track, as the contrast between the Skin and Zebra Katz’s vocals tell a very simple story, which the title describes so eloquently. Listening to Katz’s vocals, I can’t help but think of Tone Loc and it definitely adds to this track, one of my favourites on the EP for sure.

“You Like This” dives deeper into the techno sounds Moudaber is known for. The vocals by Skin carry the song through with a dark and simple progression. With a droning bass line and minor analog arpeggios this track fits the sound of both artists. It is definitely a fun track to fill a dark room with.

“Someone Like You” is the third and second heaviest track on this EP, with melodic vocal breaks in between hard hitting four to the floor techno. I get the feeling this will be in Carl Cox’s playlists if it isn’t already. The hats are crisp and the bass line is driving throughout. This is a fist pumper and foot mover. Surely to be played in a dark room at Berghain in the near future, “Organic Love [Mood Remix]” is techno suspense. With a long strings buildup from around the five minute mark that spans almost three minutes, it makes the dancefloor crave the kick. This is the hardest techno track on this EP, and gives audiences what they expect from the techno diva, alongside Skin.

“These Walls Are Made Of Water” is a vocal techno track leaning on the side of electronica. The vocal FX and the melodies by Skin add beautiful character to this EP. This track is no exception. “Breed” has great play value for DJs and listeners at home, and will be rocking dark dance floors across North America in these coming fall and winter months. I definitely feel that Nicole Moudaber and Skin will be working together in the future. I’m calling it now; a new female super duo!

Review by: Peter Damian