Review – Pan-Pot release 14 tracker The Other on Second State

Artist: Pan-Pot
Title: The Other
Label: Second State
Cat No: SNDST009
Release: 25/09/2015
Genre: Techno

After nearly eight years since their euphoric debut long player ‘Panorama’, stratospheric goals have been achieved in the worlds of Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix commonly known as Pan-Pot. The duo are back again to offer us “The Other” which see’s fourteen tracks that encompass a number of styles and is out soon on Second State.

The start-up, “Your Attention” is a slice of the best bass heaven ever, with a forbidding interior and a dive bombing sub bass oscillation for maximum impact. And yes ‘anyone is interested’ as the vocal rant goes. “808 Nirvana” next, throws one in to a world of big room Techno the band is unarguably associated with. Muscled and reverberating it quells you in to submission with its clattering drummy patters and bass heavy center. Following tracks “Optimistic Grey”, “Pina” and “Sleepless” in particular more than ever, combine synthetic futurist tones which pretty much envelops the listener in to warped electronics shuffling, skippy at times, while just plain rolling at others.

Nearing the middle mark, “Riot” pretty much sounds as much an extension to the previous tune with both tracks heaving with vocal-ism and dubby static filled electronics that hark out a crossover of Dubstep/Techno tack sitting nicely within the underpinnings of bass music, Leftfield heavy influences and in the clear experimental-ism of the album. Moving on “Get In” has stuttering beats that conjures borderline Techno at its best with a surprisingly poppish big room feel to it and a cheesy macho vocal-ism that tells you to ‘get in’, that blends straight in to “Operator” which to me is the best piece of work on the entire length, with its no nonsense Detroit-esque bass assault. The track captures oodles of House swing and fantastically atmospheric Techno templated exteriors.

And so goes for “Fist Bump From Destiny” that brings the do-ability and dance-ability of Pan-Pot back in to the scheme of things. This is that high octane dark banger we all love.
“Broken Engine” with its dirty hammer like beats barely sustains itself, as the previous tunes, over shadow this creation with their memorable quarters. “The Luxury of Living Day By Day” is by far another great creation show casing the varied musicality, the duo can bring, and it slows things down in a nice down tempo arena. “Twelve” with its double kick bass hurries you in to finishing the LP with its dark and brooding face, whereas the last two tracks, “Fugitives” and “Punxsutawney” are woozy and dancing drunk fodder with bass lines that swagger and sway, those rare un-tampered moments of sanity and a feeling of ‘did I just hear emotional Techno?’

To sum things up there’s justifiable buzz around this release and a strong chance that it will cross over to a more general audience. and even if it doesn’t, everyone should have a place in their collection for an album that straddles pop and Techno and then some!!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.