Review – Philip Bader releases Sleven on Leena Music

Artist: Philip Bader
Title: Sleven
Label: Leena Music
Released: Out now!
Cat No: LEENA 041
Genre: Techno

Berlin musician Philip Bader releases on Leena Music, sometimes known as the awesome sister imprint of Mobilee Records, with a two track EP that’s all sorts of good. Mild consensus formed around “Sleven” and the latter tune “The Glitterz”; more often than not DJs will throw their hands up in the air and chart the entire EP, cause it’s exciting fare for the dance floor.

While the former kicks ass with it’s modulating kick drums, the track is frustratingly, fascinatingly, and awesomely consistent. Bader shows restrained musicality with the assured beat pattern and a bright, cunning bassline that rolls on and on. The slightly off beat synth stab shape shifts itself with a off kilter percussive timber, making for a fierce floor killer.

The flip side track “The Glitterz” even though it draws from the same sonic well, is a harder hitting composition of the producer’s talent, as the draping melodic line pumps away harmoniously like a rock solid component in the back ground. The track takes time to build than it’s predecessor, but give it enough time and it will worm it’s way in to your brain. The effect is quite hypnotizing, with it’s jack hammer kick, and rampant bass, this one goes in to my favorites list, like a frothy bubblegum.

A well done Techno EP to say the least!!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.