Review: Ramiro Lopez – Chunky Cattish EP

Artist: Ramiro Lopez
Title: Chunky Cattish EP
Label: Suara
Release: 04/05/2015
Genre: Techno

Ramiro Lopez returns to the Suara label after several highly successful releases such ‘Cathexis’, ‘Tune Ice Cream’, ‘Roaring Kitten and the most recent ‘Hell Yeah’. Now a prominent figure on the Techno scene with a string of quality releases on other big labels his has now stamped in mark as one of the consistent producers out there and does not leave us down with another stellar three tracker.

‘Fine’ kicks off the EP with and sets the tone for the release. His made a name for his throbbing low end tracks and this doesnt hang about with a familiar funky vocal which is ever present in his tracks which builds nicely add compliments the warehouse drums and percussion. An awesome break down and a massive build to which after the break would really bring the house down. Massive track from the Spanish producer.

‘Noir’ continues in the same vein. A heavily weighted kick drum and chopped vocal adds a lovely groove to the highend and splashy hats. On top is another uplifting female vocal with some futuristic synth stabs swirling in and around the simple but effective percussion, give a full on groove monster. Big main room techno vibes off this.

The last track on the EP is ‘Tolder’ a bit tamer than before and nice warm up techy feel to it. Again driven by heavily delayed vocal which more and varies throughout something Lopez has become a master of. Taking similar elements implementing and modulating throughout so the listener never loses interest. The kick drum more of tech house flavour then the previous warehouse feel. Once into the break the tracks low end becomes filters and distorted synth sound take precedence. Once track is brought back in the vocal mayhem continues and an interesting addition of synth before leads into the outro.

All in all another exceptional release on a quality label. But sure, what did you expect?