Review: Roberto puts out another strong release on Fossil Archive

Artist : Voiski & Roberto
Title : Calyptraphorus Velatus
Label : Fossil Archive
Release : 28th March 2016
Genre : Techno

The London based label are back with their fourth offering and it’s a two track release. The first is from Voiski and is called “Calyptraphorus”. This is pure analogue energy and is probably best described as intense. Mystery shrouded 80’s synth leads form over racing percussion and building techno energy. The really interesting thing about this track is that allegedly it is completely improvised and recorded during a live show in Paris. A fairly impressive live portrayal of McGuyver on speed.

The flipside is from label boss Roberto. On first listen this reminded me a little of Dave Clarke’s “Wisdom to the Wise” with the dubby intro that cleverly conceals what awaits, and also in a similar way leads us to some top-end percussion. Though this track is slightly more laid back than it’s flipside, it has a real strong force about it and this is down to the clever placement of rumbling undercurrents and echoing claps. This is simple but highly infectious; something that many try and fail to accomplish.

From the moment I heard Voiski’s “Calyptraphorus” this was going straight into my bag. A brilliant release which I thoroughly enjoyed and will continue to enjoy for quite sometime.
 Fossil Archive we salute you!