Review: Sebastian Tamayo ‘Dance ‘til Class Begins’

New label Emergent Properties sets out on its mission to provide a platform for emerging talents from the MYT (Make Your Transition) community, promising a pioneering genre-blurring approach that mirrors the diverse talent within the community. The first release is an impressive package of other-worldly immersive techno from highly talented New Yorker Seb T. The artist, who recently debuted on the highly respected Traum Schallplatten, showcases his richly textured sonic signature and the record starts a series of forthcoming releases from the label in fine style. Certain to garner attention from sound design aficionados and forward-thinking DJs with its detailed modern dancefloor aesthetics, this is an innovative EP of melodic techno effortlessly fused with complex electronica.  

First on the EP comes “Como La Llamo” a mesmeric journey that captivates with its multi-layered world of ethereal textures. Waves of evolving melodies gradually slide into the elaborate audio puzzle before the whole track breaks down into a cathedral of haunting vocals cocooned in fuzzy distortion. Despite the complexity, the track is underpinned by robust drum work and a throbbing bassline that keeps the track functioning efficiently for the dancefloor.

Next out of the New Yorker’s wild sonic palette, is “Dance ’til Class Begins” which draws listeners into a labyrinth of beats and synths. Latin rhythms are fused with glitching micro-slices of audio before building to an anthemic melodic refrain and then an epic sliding bassline that takes the track into overdrive. The track collapses into near sonic mayhem during the breakdown as foley sounds glitch three sixty around the audio canvas before reforming and then slamming back in with driving drums. Finally, “Empjuar” explores deeper, contemplative tones, showcasing Seb T’s versatility. The final track rolls along enveloping the listener in a building wall of sound that showcases his unique touch for evoking emotion through an audio collage of sound. 

In terms of reference points think Max Cooper, Jon Hopkins, Robag Wruhme, and James Holden, with the EP demonstrating just why Seb T was selected to open and close for Max Cooper at an event a few years ago. This is music to get utterly lost in, whether your eyes are closed on the dancefloor or fully immersed in the sheer epic sonic canvas on your air pods. If the quality of releases follows this pattern, then Emergent Properties is certainly a label to have a keen eye on in the future.

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