Review – Spacebeat release new EP on Suffused Music

Artist: Spacebeat
Name: Winter Phase EP
Remixers: Eze Ramirez, Jaap Ligthart and Kobb
Label: Suffused Music
Cat No: SMD082
Release date: Out Now!
Genre : Tech/Progressive House

Lithuanian label Suffused Music has released “Winter Phase EP” by Spacebeat. This brand new original from the Russian music maker is admirable fare as it takes the novelty route with it’s double faced musicality. He weaves the beat with a kind of buzzy atmosphere. It is one of the rawest Techno tracks I’ve heard! The dub is present in the prominent offbeat pulse and trademark hiss and squelch but it’s all extremely abrasive, as though chiseled from granite. On the other hand it remains understated and pleasing; the rhythm is covered in sparse low end shudders, spicy tinkles and that wondrous melody pad just courses around the warm bass to cover all your aural senses in tinsel.

Argentinian musician Eze Ramirez starts the remix route with the first of the reworks. His debut with the label has a coherent diversity to offer. The groove gets a slight push up to hurry along with something breezy and hypnotic in the core. Haunting vocals join up in a strange ethereal formation! The melody gets muted with a kind of underwater punch, mingling with punchy bass kicks and crisp natural percussion. The hook emerges when effervescent chirps slide across, pushing the track into a swirling momentum that is sure to stir up some languid, closed-eyes dancing.

Next up one can immediately feel the expertise with which Jaap Ligthart treats the tune to a squally middle that dibble dabbles the ears. His interpretation holds ridiculous amounts of jauntiness against the lush bass. There’s a perky, compelling energy all around the body of his work. The splashy percussive is diametrically opposite to the charismatic haunt of the original take. Also present is a sizable amount of reverberation of the stereo field with this one. The glitch in it, tries to create a vibe and so does.

Finishing up the pack, part and parcel of Israel’s DJing elite, Kobb maintains the languid feel of the original to a nicety. His big-room take increases the tempo by a few notches in the chunky bass line that emanates from his handiwork, fracturing the vocals as he goes along, and builds its crescendos from an already pumping base dripping in fuming 808 percussion. One side for the early part of the night, one side for peak time. You can play it all night long. And probably should.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.