Review: Synthek – Transitions of Life EP

Artist: Synthek
Cat. n°: NTCLP02
Label: Natch Records
Format: 2 X 12” + DIGITAL
Release Date: 20.03.17
Mastering: Matt Colton @ Alchemy Mastering
Distribution: Ready Made Distribution_Berlin

This 11 track album has been beautifully constructed into 3 definitive layers of intimate states of emotion. A deeply intricate personal journey of discovery, love and hope.. 

“breathless” is the first of the 11 tracks to unfold in this thoughtful and sophisticated album production. It is moody and dark with a somewhat confusing off beat vibe.. Alongside its beastly bass of a heartbeat there are injections of wispy breathlessness that make this opener ominous and intense. it is the perfect foundation to this  opening chapter of discovery.

Being gently elevated with the second track “disambiguation” this is a cosmic state of sound that is entwined with warm ambient dubby tones creating the feeling of being suspended in infinite time and space.. It’s ethereal and galactic synths maintain that connection between the cosmos and reality just enough to seamlessly thrust itself into the haunting vocal and wistful strings of “path of syncopation”. A hypnotic and soothing track i think this is the perfect end to the beginning. 

The second instalment begins with “standing on a turning point”  This track with its intense intro and fuller energy is the pivotal change in direction. it has heart and soul and the layers of drums and cyclonic sound effects add warmth and substance.”sinusoidal shift” immediately builds from being somewhere out in the cosmos to a rolling tsunami of  acid bass lines strategically layered with energetic kicks and momentous progressive snares. I actually really liked this track.

“hands in fait’ is wonderfully composed with its super delicate highs and with it glitchy rhythm this track definitely has a feeling of sincerity, calming and purpose. Synthek has become well known for his relentless kicks and intense peaks and troughs – this track is no exception -it has a high energy and a sense of purpose. Soaked in 90’s techno elements “perturbed notion” really wakes this album up. 

The beginning of the end opens with “transitions of life” a delicate organic and calming composition, with just the right balance of percussive drums, elegant piano, soft pads and a little bit of didgeridoo. This track effortlessly allows the follow on that is “consciousness and intent”to organically lead the way with its poised grace and gentle off beat funky riffs.

Bringing this journey to a peaceful and harmonic close “choice of words”with its ancient operatic vocal gently falling over the sadness of the violin strings, this track is a beautiful example of modern techno infused with classic emotional Italian techno. “sense of being”-the finale track – perfectly draws  gently this third chapter to a soft close – the cosmic ambience and centred tones achieve the perfect end to this stunning album. 

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