Review – Wonderful techno flavours from Dodi Palase

Artist : Dodi Palese
Title : Spirals EP
Label : Engrave Ltd
Cat No : ELT 08
Release : Out Now
Genre : Techno

Theres something resolutely futuristic about techno. There always has been for me. From the beginnings of the genre with pioneers like Juan Atkins and Derrick May the sound of true techno was machine based soul. Italian producer Dodi Palese is well versed in the roots of the scene, and this stunning 4 tracker is testament to life submerged in techno.

The EP draws influence from a galaxy of the same name and opening track ‘Coma Berenices’ is a nearby constellation. The title belies the mammoth groove unleashed here. This is industrial techno at its very best. Hard as nails beats ricochet around my headphones as Dodi unleashes a relentless hypnotic groove. Bongos clatter along side the other metallic percussion parts, and its not long before Im totally immersed. The second half of the track delights further with the addition of a thin and airy pad which lifts the track no end.

Virgo continues apace and reminds me of an old Tata Box Inhibitors track from around 1994 (Plasmids). Its bouncy groove is difficult to resist and again Dodi has made clever use of some nifty xylophone percussive elements. In essence its a pretty minimal production, but each element sits very well in the mix and all add tension and drive. The break is mayhem, and as the bass returns, order is resumed. Something to turn the deep house shufflers heads.

M109 is a complete change of direction and is something I would expect the likes of Dave Clarke to hammer all summer long. Electro has, for a long time, been confined to the dark recesses of techno. Like the naughty little boy in the corner at school. But this shines like the bright stars it was named after. Again, incredibly groovy, its real charm is the use of classic 808 and 909 noises with a large smattering of 303 energy. Really exciting stuff.

NGC1365 is for me, peak time techno at its best. A monstrous synth line bubbles away as kettle drum sized beats pound you in to submission. Insistent clap fills and clever manipulation of the synths parameters keep this from becoming boring, so much so I had to hit play again several times!

With support for this EP from techno luminaries as far reaching as Martin Landsky, Pascal FEOS, Slam, Chris Leibling, Paco Osuna and Marcel Dettmann, this is one crucial purchase for any techno fan with functioning ears. Don’t delay, its only you that suffers!