Ricardo Tobar unveils new EP on MUSAR Recordings

Releasing his first-ever vinyl release ‘El Sunset’ on James Holden’s, Border Community back in 2007, Chilean producer Ricardo Tobar has since intricately constructed his way around the parameters of emotionally-lead, highly atmospheric electronic music. Having brought his sound forward to grace the rosters of Jennifer Cardini’s, Correspondant, ESP Institute and MUSAR Recordings, Ricardo continues to extend his already significant discography, now returning to MUSAR Recordings for a third time with ‘After The Movie’ EP.

The title track, ‘After The Movie’ forms a special cut that has been held in Ricardo’s locker for quite some time. Uncovered by MUSAR Recordings label head, on a podcast from way back, it seemed only natural that this unreleased music from Ricardo would find its home on the Amsterdam-Tel-Aviv label.

“This EP is quite special to me because it reflects a long timeline in my work. The ‘After The Movie’ track had been in the vault for ages until David from MUSAR found it in an old podcast; it really takes me back to those first steps in recording music.” – Ricardo Tobar

Across his EP, Ricardo plays with varying textures and arrangements that in turn provide a cross-section of his sound that has expanded and developed over time. ‘After The Movie’ presents the experimental ambience synonymous with his early works, whilst ‘Parques’ brings an idyllic, cinematic feel with strictly crafted synth arrangements riding high, post-rock influences also show through. ‘Regain Your Power’ represents a change of course, whilst also channelling a political message punctuated by social unrest taking place in Ricardo’s home country, Chile. He abandons experimentalism in favour of tougher 4×4 elements, allowing his machines to run riot.

“The mixture of ideas and feelings on this EP have a politically charged spirit, as electronic music always does. A few weeks after I finished ‘Regain Your Power’ the whole Chilean social explosion took place with the same ideals I had in mind when recording the track.” – Ricardo Tobar

Stepping up on the remix is a pair whose names are etched into the history of UK electronic music, Andy Turner and Ed Handley a.k.a. Plaid. Reworking title track ‘After The Movie’, they produce an emotive, soundscape complete with droning basslines and ex-terrestrial flourishes.

To accompany and compliment the psychedelic sonics of Plaid’s unique mix, distinguished creative film-maker Max Kelan Pearce provides a visual representation in his exclusive music video, following on from his previous works for Hodge and Minimal Violence. Premiered by tastemaker blog, The Ransom Note, Max experiments with VHS degradation and archive footage, all overlaid with viscous swirling textures of ‘Ink in Milk’ techniques for trippy, psychedelic effect.

Ricardo Tobar ‘After The Movie’ EP is out now via MUSAR Recordings

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