Richie Blacker & Leroy Tayler – Eklektisch EP

The techno & house, DJ/producer from Belfast, Richie Blacker, and the London-based DJ/producer, Leroy Tayler, created a distinct sound with a modern edge on the upcoming Eklektisch EP.

The two original tracks “Sake” and “The Gurner” on the new EP “The Gurner” are very happy and up-bright melodies with tributes to the house and dance music scene. It will feel like letting go and being light. The vocal touches are perfect, discrete but powerful and added to the right sequences and highlights of the song.

The remixer for this EP named Lauer, who is a DJ and producer from Frankfurt, brings in massive vibe tunes with almost disco and pop sounding elements of the 80s, which will put everyone even more into the feel-good mode.

About the Author

Loves long walks along the beach, holding hands and romantic 80's power ballads, partial to electronic music and likes to make the odd mix or two.